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Why to hire Ecommerce Development Company over a Freelancer

There has been unprecedented growth in the digital market in the past 10 years and all new businesses are trying to hold their ground in this arena. While Internet has emerged as one of the most important places to shop, you need a high quality website to promote your services or products, if you really want to survive in this tough competition.

Websites by a good ecommerce development company have become an important factor in deciding the response of people towards a particular Business or Brand. So the requirement of a professionally designed ecommerce website is critical owing to that fact that aesthetically appealing and user friendly site is one of the only ways you can ensure more customers for your services or products.

Many people get confused on whether to hire a freelancer or go for an ecommerce website development agency for the job. If you hire a good company, there are many benefits. Let’s have a close look at few of them.


An ecommerce development service will have number of experts with great command over varied factors of PHP development with hands on knowledge on various factors such as SEO, dynamic website design, social media, and so on.

A nice looking site developed by a web development agency rather than a freelancer is the best option as company has a workforce with varied talents rather than a single person that cannot possibly be good in different fields. In addition, a good company may have worked on various projects and can deliver on different types of projects.

Client Support

An ecommerce development company has dedicated staff to ensure 24/7 customer support that will answer to all their queries and take care of all complaints they may have. They have a robust tried and tested system in place to deal with customers and deliver projects. This is important as all clients need to be informed about the status of their projects.

Post-launch Support

Most ecommerce website design agencies offer post-launch support to clients as an incentive to working with them and their experts can handle all post launch issues they may have. Usually these companies have a warranty period and they offer free solutions to all problems relating to websites they’ve developed. This kind of service is not offered by freelancers.


Communication between a customer and a web development company is different than the type of communication between a customer and a freelancer. Professionals handle different departments in a company and offer real time updates and timely support to all issues regarding website development. In addition, ecommerce web development companies also offers real time project management solutions or software that gives real-time updates and allow you to easily collaborate on your projects.

All in all, there are numerous benefits of working with an ecommerce web development company. You not only save time and money, but get long term solid support that will help you dominate your niche for years.

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