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Why Cheap Content Writing Services are Deadly?

Without content, you can’t survive on the internet. We don’t think that the importance of content can be described better than this. And that’s the reason why many businesses and professionals have started giving a place to content in their strategy.

However, not all content can help you as we believe your objective is not just the survival in the online world. You intend to grow and outshine, aim to attract a higher number of people towards your brand, and want to prove yourself to be a scholar in the industry. Of course, you can achieve all your goals through content, but for that to happen, the content must be
impactful enough. “Content is King” but only when it can rule the game.

‘Mediocre content’ is no more than a formality. Because you are not the only one using the content route. Here comes in to picture two significant words – Strategy & Quality. The content must be of high quality, backed by a solid strategy.

“The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from stream.” And for this, you need to see whom you are choosing for availing content writing services.

Making Mind on the Content Writing Service Provider

When it comes to content writing, you have two options to get the work done.

  1. Produce content in-house – In this case, either you can work on the content or can hire a writer, but the responsibility of ensuring content quality lies on your shoulder. You might have to devote extra time, which anyway is a loss of resource.
  2. Outsource the content – Here, you can offload the task to a third person on the need basis. And the complete responsibility of the content quality rests with the assigned person.

Irrespective of the option you choose, you need to see the skills of the writer. Though everyone wants quality content, many people forget this factor while finalizing the service provider. Because here comes a crucial factor, and decisive too, in many cases; the cost. Many a time, it happens that while selection, people get allured by the charges of content writing services, and they end up choosing a cheap content writer. Sounds bitter, but it is a truth.

However, anything that’s ‘cheap’ is cheap for a reason, which could be whatever. But one thing is sure and that the performance of the output will be distant from expectations. Talking in the context of content writing, cheap services are deadly as the content may fail miserably. Moreover, the decision of choosing a cheap writer can backfire. Why? Keep reading to find

Cheap Content Writing Services are Deadly – Why & How?

Lack of Basic Writing Skills

Having a strong command on the language is necessary for coming up with a flawless content. That means the content should be free of any mistakes, including grammar and wrong usage of words. It might happen that the writer you are hiring at cheap rates might not possess the required skills. So, the content will lack the flow and crisp.

Inadequate Knowledge

Content writing is not what it is considered to be! Sadly, there is a common notion among many people that they can do content writing if they have good language skills. Means if someone is good at English, the person starts considering himself to be a good writer. But that’s not the case. Being excellent in written English doesn’t make you a proficient writer; it
is just a starting point. Such people with no knowledge of content writing like how it works, etc., start doing content writing and offer cheap services to learn while earning and to make a portfolio. And they can be a serious threat to your company as their writing will not have the desired features.

Domain Expertise – A Distant Reality

When you hire cheap content writers, you can’t expect them to have niche-knowledge. For example – you want content on blockchain, cryptocurrency, stock market, medical, etc., then, you need to appoint a content writer who has basic subject knowledge at least, if not much. And such niche-specific writers, generally, don’t agree to work at lower rates; they can’t. But
those who don’t have domain knowledge are comfortable working at low rates too. Well, you can analyse how that’s going to affect you! Either you will get generalised content or your content will be re-written out of 4-5 other well-written content.

Time – They Don’t Have

We believe linking quality with the cheap rates is not incorrect. Anyway, that can be found only after reading the content but you have to be judgemental if you don’t want to get a hit on your reputation. While choosing cheap content writing services, you should be ready for poor
quality work. And the biggest reason for this is that cheap writers don’t devote sufficient time to the work. Basically, they work on quantity, which means they have to create more in a particular time if they want to make good money. Thus, they don’t have time to go through and adhere to your content creation guidelines. Moreover, research doesn’t sound sensible to
them. And the outcome is low-grade content, offering no value to the readers.

Both readers and Google don’t like such content and your brand suffers.

In Short

Your content is the basis of perception about your products/services for people. In fact, you have a short span to impress your target audience through content. As mentioned by SWEOR, on an average, a user spends just 5.59 seconds on looking at the written content of the website. So, you need to make sure that your content is meaningful, relevant, convincing, and engaging. The same requires you to work with a proficient writer, possessing a great domain-knowledge.

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