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What’s New & Working in The Graphic Designing World?

A lot is going around globally. But the online world is hardly affected by the same. In fact, more people are turning to the internet to earn bread and butter. And this is bound to happen. When people are locked in their homes with hardly anything to do, the internet is a saviour; a perfect source of time pass or say means to stay engaged. Such a situation is leading to an increase in the demand for digital content.

Digital activities are posing enormous growth opportunities for companies and the associated people. Of many, one is graphic designing. Because without impressive graphics, even digital content won’t be able to attract.

Graphic plays a vital role in adding a sense of appeal. Not just that, it helps in the clear-cut and quick delivery of the message. The power of graphics is pushing its growth; it’s expected that digital sections in graphic design can increase up to 24% (digitalintheround.com). Moreover, around 60% of digital marketers consider visuals to be an indispensable part of a sound marketing plan, the same source suggests.

But for graphic design to be able to serve the purpose, it must be fresh and relevant. It must embrace the trends. Outdated patterns, bygone colours or any other things of the past can fail miserably. Because the taste of people changes soon. They want visuals to be exciting and eye-catchy.

To assist you with this, we bring 2021 design trends to you. Let’s find out what is working.

Graphic Design Trends 2021

Connect with Nature

Being in harmony with nature always works. And with pandemic striking the world followed by severe lockdowns and social distancing, people have become closer to nature. So, you can excel by giving a touch of nature to your design. Make it appear soothing & charming. Try using colours and elements, which can establish a connection with the environment. Let people feel the essence of nature.

3D is Trending

It’s not new but not getting older too! Because technology is there to keep it young. And 3D designs & typography have proved their usefulness in graphics designing. The 3D technique adds creativity to the designs. It makes them appear real and effective.Pointless to mention, the design you create using 3D technology looks interactive.


An assortment of slides! Those slides can include images, text, infographics, etc. Slide decks are a popular content sharing method and one of the most liked forms of content, especially on social media platforms.

Minimalism Rocks

It’s all about keeping things to a bare minimum. The minimalistic design intends to bring focus to the core. Here, the purpose is to make the idea more conceivable. Isn’t it great that you can become noticeable just by going modest? But this simplicity should be visible in every aspect of the design.


Weighty design, full of elements and multiple shades, is out of the fashion. Now, it’s time to limit their use. Undeniably, this looks comforting. But more importantly, it helps you highlight the content. And yeah, minimalistic designs, generally, don’t have an expiry date.

Colour – Soft is Modern

Don’t use multiple colours & bright tones. That steal people’s attention and don’t allow you to convey what you want to through your design. The best is to pick the soft shades, that too, not many. This way, you can make your design eye-pleasing while letting it express.

Geometric Shapes – The New Catch

When it comes to keeping designs minimalistic without compromising with the engagement and appeal part, how can you forget geometric shapes; neat and convenient? These shapes help you differentiate while creating a space for creativity. There’s a lot you can do with these shapes without burdening the design. Whether you want your graphic design to be simple or complex, you can rely on geometric shapes.

DIY Designs

With the shifting preference of people towards raw & original, the DIY design trend is gaining momentum. By embracing the original art, it attracts the people more. Plus, it enables people to connect with the brand. So, this is the opportunity to experiment; look for contentment in the unprocessed & uncultured art.

Typographic – Overlook the Order

It’s time to go out of the way by doing something unusual. Instead of adding beauty to perfection, find charm in imperfection. How? Bring chaos to the typography. Forget about the order, style consistency, alignment and font size; go creative. Think about appearance and attractiveness. But don’t forget to check its fitness in line with your brand image.

Emoji Conveying the Message

Emojis have come up as a great way to communicate your feelings. A single emoji can replace a bulk of words. And that’s not limited to the messaging or social media world. Designers have begun considering it for graphic designs to provide an interesting and sleek look to the same. It’s fun. Additionally, the use of emoji allows you to reduce the text load of the design.

Influence the Viewers

Do you want to raise a voice against an issue or support the cause? Or you believe that you possess the power to inspire people and think you can bring a positive change in society? Then get started. And for this, neither you need public gatherings, nor you need to talk to people personally. Yeah, your design will do the work. Let it speak. Incorporate your thoughts into your design; use images+text or either of them alone. If used strategically, they narrate the entire story.

Are we on the same page?

So, what about including the most modern things in your graphic design? You already know what is working! Adopt that. And don’t forget to give a personal touch to align it with your brand identity.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

Work hard with it now to save resources in the future.

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