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What is SEO and its Benefits to your Business

What is SEO and its Benefits to your business

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics, techniques and activities that ensure high visibility of a website on top search engines for keywords and key phrases that are relevant for what site is offering. SEO techniques include a properly build website, building links to your website, writing keyword optimized titles, tags, descriptions, copy-writing and much more

In today’s digital age, millions of people around the world use the Internet to look for services and products they are interested in. They also use it to gather information about the company or person they’re interested in. Investing in a great SEO agency will ensure your content is properly optimized for search engines and your website will rank high for the benefit of your online or offline business.

Types of SEO

White Hat SEO

Most SEO companies use guidelines and techniques of a search engine, wherein any content uploaded on the website should contain relevant headlines and tags that encourages visitors to return to website on consistent basis. Along with this, it will also boost your online ranking. Though white hat SEO is slow, it gradually improves your website ranking in due course.

White hat SEO includes use of high quality content, restricting of website navigation, HTML optimization and high quality campaigns. This can be achieved by using right SEO tools and ensuring quality. The technique ensures lasting ranking of a website.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO involves the use of aggressive SEO strategies than mainly focus on website ranking rather than on website visitors. These techniques rarely obey the search engine guidelines or rules. Black hat techniques are mainly used by all those who want quick returns. Some black hat SEO techniques are blog spam, keyword stuffing, hidden texts, link farms, parasite hosting, doorway pages or cloaking. All these processes may provide you faster results, but they’re not at all long lasting.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat techniques come somewhere between black and white SEO techniques. So while considering different types of SEO, this type of SEO method is once in a while used by some webmasters. They use three way link exchange, buying old or expired domains, article spinning, or Google bombing.

International SEO

If large number of your website visitors are from other countries or speak different languages, you need to think of global SEO. Make sure you’re providing relevant information suitable for your target audience. By using local currency, language and time zone and contact information, such as phone numbers and addresses, you’re surely sending strong signals to search engines and users that you’re at the right spot on the globe. You also need to think about local culture when you’re creating your content and website design. Different regions look at things like layout, color, and style of humor in their own ways.

Search Engine Success Factors

On-The-Page Success Factors (On-Page SEO)

On-page success factors are entirely within publisher’s control. It involves the type of content they’re publishing and provide HTML clues that help top search engines. It also studies website architecture to see whether it helps or hinders search engines.

Off-The-Page Success Factors (OFF-Page SEO)

Off-page ranking factors are not under the publishers’ direct control. Search engines use them because they can’t rely solely on publisher-controlled signals. For example, some publishers may try to make themselves more relevant than they really are. With billions of pages around the web, searching for on-the-page clues aren’t enough. More signals are necessary to return highly relevant pages for any particular search.

SEO Factors Work In Combination!

No single SEO Factor Guarantees Higher Rankings

Having a good HTML title won’t help you if your page has low quality content with lots of keywords stuffed in. Multiple links won’t help if content is not relevant or has a low quality. Many positive factors surely increase odds of success while negative factors can easily worsen these odds.

SEO Violations & Ranking Penalties

Today top search engines want to perform SEO because it helps them in returning highly relevant search results. Search engines offer help in the form of solid guidelines, videos and blog posts that help webmasters in implementing specific SEO techniques.

However, there are few techniques that search engines consider as black hat or spam that would result in your web pages receiving ranking penalty. In some cases, they might even be banned on search engines. Violations are some tactics that help manipulate or deceive search engine’s understanding of a website’s authority and true relevancy.

Top benefits of SEO for your business:

Brand Awareness

Since higher search engine rankings result in better website traffic, it provides more exposure to your company and brand. In addition, being on the first page for your targeted keywords will also help associate your brand with those keywords and your business will be perceived more trustworthy. The more your content and web pages rank on higher position on search engines, more chances you have for users to see your content and associate with your brand.

Increased traffic

Using right SEO techniques you can rank higher on top search engines resulting in higher traffic to your website. With properly optimized content and other SEO techniques you can easily improve your website ranking. When people search for your services or products using keywords or key phrases relevant to your business, your website will rank high on the search engines.

Cost effective marketing

SEO is highly cost effective marketing strategies since you’re targeting people who’re actively searching for services or products you’re offering. Compared to traditional advertising, SEO appear to be a much better marketing strategy since it enables you to target right audience and traffic continues to come long after SEO has been accomplished.


SEO provides you quantifiable and trackable results, regardless of whether you have a non-commerce or ecommerce site. SEO agencies can easily trace all aspects of their strategy, such as traffic and conversions or increase in rankings. Comprehensive analytics also helps you to see vital demographic information and drill down to the granular level. You can also analyze other engagement metrics for individuals who’ve interacted with your website. For ecommerce websites, SEO agencies can see the path users take in order to accomplish sales, all the way down to keywords that are used for search prior to purchase. For all non-ecommerce websites, you can attribute values to lead conversions, such as “contact us” forms, fill out and easily calculate the exact value of your SEO strategy this way.

Competitive edge

Right SEO strategies provide you a competitive edge. Higher rankings mean better visibility, leading to higher website traffic and better conversions.

Increased site usability

Your website visitors are less likely to stick around if your website is hard to navigate. SEO helps in making your website more usable for your visitors. Some tactics include rearranging website’s links and architecture making it easier to your visitors to quickly navigate through pages. This also helps search engine bots to crawl your website.

SEO is vital for any business. It not only ranks your above competition, but also helps potential buyers easily find you online, which boosts website traffic and products.

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