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What is Dedicated Server Hosting & Its Benefits

These days’ businesses have multiple options for hosting their website, mail server or web application. Most of the people prefer shared web hosting in the beginning where single server resources are shared by large number of websites.

However, if you want more speed and better control over your hosting, go with dedicated web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, you rent a server from your hosting provider, and can exclusively use its resources. You will get the CPU, disk space and RAM you need. The server is maintained by your provider, eliminating any upfront cost to the business.

Let’s have a close look at some benefits of dedicated server hosting:

Server resources are completely yours

The biggest dedicated server hosting advantages is that you’re the sole user of the server and won’t have to worry about other websites clogging up the server’s RAM and CPU power. You can quickly enhance server resources within hours when you feel the need to do so.

Better security and performance

A dedicated web hosting provider guarantees 100 99.99 percent uptime for your site. Shared web hosting is good for all those who get medium traffic on daily basis. If your website gets thousands of visitors, then go for dedicated web hosting as it is more reliable, secure, and stable. It is also good for businesses handling sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.


Dedicated server hosting allows you flexibility to customize server according to your unique needs for disk space, CPU, software and RAM. With shared web hosting customer is limited to the software, apps and OS already loaded on the server. A dedicated hosting allows you to customize server environment that fits your needs. You can choose your software and platform, and configure the server as per your needs.

Unique IP address

Each web server has its own unique IP address. In shared hosting, you are sharing the IP with multiple other websites, so if one website is down with spam, this would mean your site would also bear the brunt. With dedicated server hosting, you get a unique IP address that’s exclusively yours. This is very helpful if you’re running an ecommerce site that requires SSL for secure credit card processing.

No overhead for maintaining or buying equipment

If you need a dedicated server but don’t have time to manage it, then dedicated web hosting is the way to go. Everything is handled by dedicated hosting provider, reducing overheads for business, improving their return on investment. However, all these benefits come with a cost. So you will have to pay more for dedicated hosting.

If you’re planning to generate more revenue with your online presence, you should consider making a switch to dedicated server hosting. It allows you full control over your allocated resources and you can scale up your requirements as per your needs.

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