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Thinking PPC The Inclusive Way – Do You Need to Pay Heed to It?

Is this what you think? Then you must rethink!

Are you amazed as why so? When you have numerous options under digital marketing to promote your business, why pay heed to PPC? Why should you spend money and effort on creating and managing PPC campaigns?

The reason is simple – You can get 50% more conversions. Isn’t that amazing?

We know it is.

Another interesting fact shared by Google is that you can reach up to 90% of internet users by placing ads on Google Display Network.

Now, it’s making sense!

In short, it’s a smooth, effective and efficient way to boost your traffic and ROI.

But there’s a catch to it.

And what’s that?

Not all companies using PPC reap the desired results.


That we will look later. First, let’s understand why it’s important to include PPC in your digital marketing strategy. And what could be better than starting from basics, i.e., what is PPC?

PPC; Pay-Per-Click is a valuable component of the digital marketing family. Here, marketers pay a particular amount of fee every time the ad gets a click.

PPC ads are a great way to drive traffic, which, of course, unlike organic traffic, will be paid. And Google Ads is the most popular platform for PPC advertisements. The success in PPC ads is a function of multiple factors, thereby demanding an expert for management.

Benefits of Including PPC Ads in Digital Marketing Strategy

Shortcut for New Businesses – An Awareness Creation Tool

Opening a business and not telling about it to the public is the deadliest act, you know! And for this, having a website and social media presence is not enough, especially if you are a new player. It is because, for people to notice your website, crucial is to ensure that it ranks well in the SERP. At least, it should appear on the first page as reports suggest that hardly 10% of the people go beyond the first result page.

Though SEO and quality content help, attaining that position through this route takes time. But PPC is an immediate way out. By placing ads at a prominent position in the search or display network or videos, this technique increases awareness and enables you to generate higher traffic in a lesser duration.

Focused Targeting – Enhanced Control

In PPC marketing, you have complete control over your ad spend. Thus, you can ensure, every penny makes the most for you.


Effective targeting is key. All you need is a strategic approach. Identify your business goals and target audience and use the relevant keywords in the ads. The intent is to align the ad with the objective. Thus, add the criteria accordingly. In the PPC technique, you can keep a check as to where the ad appears; it will be visible to only those people who are your target. In other words, through PPC, you can reach people looking for you. This way, you can get more sales in a shorter timeframe while eliminating undesired clicks from the picture. Further, you can control your daily ad expenditure by setting an upper cap.

Measurable & Cost-Effective – Better RoI

As the name indicates, in PPC, you need to pay only for the click. By preventing your ad from unwanted clicks, you can limit wastage of money. So, you can reach out to more people in a limited ad budget.   

And not just this, the PPC technique comes with an added advantage – better measurability. Here, you have access to real-time data. The instant availability of key performance indicators likes clicks and impressions allows you to find what’s working and what’s not. You can compare the input and output – the ad spends, the number of clicks, sales, and revenue. Also, you know the duration in which you have generated a particular output.

Whoa, everything is right in front of you. Superb!

Now, when you know the pain points, you can make the necessary changes. It lets you tweak your criteria for better suitability and obtain substantial results. You are free to modify your input, including age, gender, location, and keywords. Again, you are stopping the wastage of funds. And channelizing them in a productive direction for enhanced return on investment.

Algorithm Update – Not to Worry About

Here comes an exciting benefit! You need not pay much attention to Google’s algorithm updates while using the PPC marketing technique. Because not all updates affect your PPC campaign as it mostly happens in the case of SEO – a small change, and most of your efforts become insignificant.

Slip into BoFu & Carry On

Yes, the PPC technique, when used tactfully, can help you take your target audience directly to the Bottom of the Funnel, thereby saving your efforts. Also, you have saved your resources to make them travel through the top two stages of the funnel.

The above-points throws light on what PPC ads can do for you!

Here, we, before putting the period, would like to burst a myth. Many people think PPC advertising is a complicated and costly affair. And thus, it is not appropriate for businesses operating on a small scale as they have budget constraints.

However, that’s not the case at all.

PPC advertising can work wonders for all businesses, irrespective of the size. Although it is correct that small business houses don’t allot much amount to marketing, but that little can also be enough. PPC ads are still an option. The only need is to plan the campaign appropriately and hit the right spot while targeting.

Well, what’s your say on using PPC ads?

Is PPC ad a part of your digital marketing strategy?

Is it working as per your expectations?


Undoubtedly, wasting money isn’t your goal.

Then what are you waiting for? It is time to fix things.

Let Neel Networks assist you with that. Talk to our PPC expert and get your PPC campaign back on track.

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