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State of Email Marketing in 2021 & 5 Stats That Predict the Future of It

Marketing is a dynamic field. And the experiment is an integral part of it. Well, it has to be; if you want success, you have to do something new, something extra every time to captivate the audience.

With the advent of digital marketing, it has become more prominent because here, things change quickly. And you have numerous marketing channels, too. Even though you have identified the fitting advertising technique, you can’t stop testing. You never know what can turn profitable for you and vice versa. Also, when a method becomes irrelevant in the industry. So, you have to keep a check.

Okay! Today, we are here to talk about one such debatable digital marketing method. And what’s that? It’s Email Marketing.

No, we are not gonna talk about what is email marketing? You know this, we know.

So, why not jump straight to the point?

Email marketing is an old player of the digital marketing game. It’s in use since the time internet marketing was not a common phenomenon. And the point is that is this player worth considering as a part of the game in the present times? Or it’s time for it to retire?

Sounds absurd!

Believe it or not, people have started asking questions like, does email marketing still work? Is email marketing dead in 2021? What’s the future of email marketing, etc.? The effectiveness of email marketing is in question.

Well, what do you think about email marketing?

Is email marketing dead? Or its end is near?

Actually, the answer is – No.

Email marketing is not dead; it’s not going anywhere. And these are not baseless statements. We will see the facts, which back these arguments, indicating the state of email marketing in 2021 and its prospect.

But before that, let’s have a look at the advantages of email marketing.

At this point, let’s clear that though email marketing is still relevant, the need is to upgrade the techniques. Because there are some email marketing practices, which have become obsolete. And having them in the email marketing campaign undoubtedly affects your ROI negatively. So, keep a watch.

Benefits of Email Marketing 2021

An Easy Option!

How? In multiple ways. The best part is a simple start. The resources required to begin with email marketing is less as compared to other traditional and contemporary marketing channels. A simple but effective and personalised piece of text having appealing visuals is all you require. No need to spend money on a designer template or beautiful creatives.   

Moreover, measuring the performance of an email marketing campaign is pretty simple. The automated system facilitates you with smooth tracking, allowing you to know the open rate, conversion rate, etc.

More Powerful

Through email marketing, you can inform your potential customer about the benefits and offerings. Plus, by meticulously crafting the message, you can persuade the reader to take quick action. Here, a compelling CTA can do much more than it’s generally perceived to do. And it would be even better if you can offer them additional benefits. Like some discount if they act in a specified time, freebies and other such things.

Not Burdensome Financially

When seen in line with other marketing techniques, email marketing is a less costly affair. You can reach a massive number of people by spending a small amount of money. Also, it’s less time-consuming, thereby helping you save more resources.

Enhanced Outcome

Ethically, email marketing is a technique you use with people interested in your offerings and have provided you with the email address. So, the probability of conversion is higher. And you can enjoy a better ROI.

Eye-Popping Email Marketing Statistics & Trends 2021

Email communication is growing (Statista)

As per the data on Statista, the daily number of emails sent and received across the world increased continuously since 2017. And it’s expected to rise further. In 2017, the number stood at 269 billion/day; by 2022, this number is expected to reach 333.2 billion. The prediction for 2025 states the number of daily emails as 376.4 billion. Besides, the population of email users is also growing, the same source suggests.

Email marketing generates good ROI (DMA, 2019)

For every pound you spend on email marketing, you get a return of over 42 pounds (the Direct Marketing Association Report, UK 2019). As the report shows, the ROI kept increasing since 2015. However, the difference was marginal till 2017. But then came a massive change. This figure increased from 32.28 euros in 2017 to 42.24 euros in 2019.

Email is more powerful than social media

Your consumers or potential consumers prefer receiving promotional messages through email. Also, you can have a better engagement rate by choosing email marketing (22.86% open rate or 3.71% CTR) over social media, the engagement rate for which is just 0.58%.

Personalised subject line is a supporter in email marketing

It really works. By creating a personalised subject line, you can increase the open rate of your email by 50%. But then, too, not many people use this technique in email marketing campaigns.

A popular form of content marketing

A whopping 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing, and that puts email marketing in the top three content marketing methods (source: B2B research 2020, CMI). Also, the report tells that email is one of the top three organic content distribution channels.

And these are not the only facts. We have highlighted the major ones only, but there are many more, telling us that the future of email marketing is bright.

What’s your say about this?

Do you use email marketing? If not, consider it as an option for marketing. Not because we are saying. But the benefits of email marketing and statistics make it a favourable method.

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