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Social Media Optimization Tools – Kicking Pain out of the Task and Making SMM Outcome More Favourable

With the increasing number of global social media users, social media marketing can be a game-changer for businesses. Though it’s optional, you can’t afford to ignore social media marketing, as that can take you closer to a big chunk of the population.

“Social media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent.” – Jay Baer

But doing social media marketing is not enough. For social media marketing to be produce desired results, you need to do social media optimization. Yes, like website optimization, your social media accounts (profiles) and posts also need to be optimized for enhanced visibility and improved ROI.

And a great, indeed, the unbeatable way is to have a social media optimization strategy. It takes you through the right path. Well, the road is tiring, requiring ongoing research, analysis and updating social media marketing plans as and when needed. You have several activities to do. What are they; what all can be a part of social media optimization plan? We will see moving forward.

But a noteworthy point here is – timing is cardinal. Then how to manage things?

You have social media optimization tools as your saviour. It will cut your workload; you will have more time to focus on strategic tasks. What can be better than that?

Wait! Before talking about the social media optimization (SMO) tools, let’s have a look a quick look at the tasks involved in optimizing social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Optimization (SMO): Important Things to Do

Social media profile optimization

Ensure your social media profile is representing your brand the best way. Right from the account name, display image to account bio or description, everything should be in line with your brand’s image and purpose. It should deliver the right message to your audience. Also, optimize your social media account for the search. You should be easily findable by your target audience.

Content Optimization

A vital aspect! Without meaningful and relevant content, nothing can help, especially in the long run. Check what you are posting and where. Not all types of content go well on all the platforms. Plus, you need to align the content to your brand objectives and the brand voice. Anything you post should add value. Further, decide the frequency and time of posting. Yes, all these matters.

Post Optimization

That’s necessary as well because you are not the only one posting content on social media platforms. To make sure that your post reaches the maximum number of the target audience, grab their attention and engage them successfully, optimizing individual posts is also imperative. Use of relevant hashtags, creating appealing visuals and messages, providing excellent captions, and writing persuasive CTAs are some of the social media posts optimization techniques.

Link Optimization

It’s a technique of presenting links on social media platforms in a click-worthy manner. Also, it aims at making links more traceable. For this, add UTM code (source, medium and campaign name) to the link for detailed traffic information.

The above-listed activities involve a lot of work. And with the help of social media optimization tools, you can perform the work efficiently.

Considering, now is the best time to begin social media optimization, let’s get acquainted with some excellent social media optimization (SMO) tools and divert the energy in the right direction. This list has tools for various purposes to help you with wide-ranging tasks.

Social Media Optimization Tools 2021


It’s a magnificent tool that, by enabling you to perform various tasks comfortably, help you optimize your social media marketing efforts. From content curation to scheduling hundreds of posts for multiple social media channels at once and analysis, you can do everything. And that’s not all. With Hootsuite social media management tool, you can keep a watch on what’s going on. Get to know the industry and competitor updates along with what people think about you by filtering conversations using location, hashtags, and keywords.


Here’s one particularly for Twitter. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Tweepi helps you grow your brand using Twitter in lesser time. You can increase brand presence, have more followers, boost engagement rate using Tweepi and sweep your account to get rid of irrelevant and inactive users – all these happen while you concentrate on the core business activities.


Whether you are an individual looking for an SMO tool or an agency searching tool to provide the best services to your clients, check Fanbooster. By automating the routine task, it allows you more time for your primary work. You can easily schedule newly created or curated content (individual post or bulk) for publishing at your desired time. And if you need approval from your client for the content, you can get it through this tool; let your client comment or make necessary changes. And with this, engagement is super relaxed – see and handle every activity like follow, comment, etc., for all platforms from one place. With Canva integration, this tool allows you to create attractive visuals for your social media without going anywhere. Well, Fanbooster enables you to do much more. So, don’t miss checking.


Deliver the message or publish the content in a way that people can’t restrain themselves from engaging. You can do this using Venngage. Through professionally created design templates and a simple editing facility, Venngage enables you to add visual charm to your content.


Though known as a link shortener, it’s much more than that. Bitly is a comprehensive, reliable and secure link management solution. It helps you in mentioning links on social media in an appealing and click-worthy manner. Also, you can add your brand name to the link for effective branding, redirect links, and get metrics.

Oh! You have several tools for social media optimization. Give them a try to save resources and enjoy better results. And do let us know which of them you find appealing.

Well, do you know any other social media optimization tool(s) that should be a part of this list? Comment to let us know.

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