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Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Assimilate AI into your Website

Artificial Intelligence is here from quite long. But it has started gaining notoriety recently as it came out to be a superb option, offering multiple benefits. Now, there is a lot of development going on in this field. The intent is to take artificial intelligence towards realism and find newer ways to make things easier with AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the words of Sundar Pichai,

AI is “a core transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we’re doing everything.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology that enables machines to display human-like intelligence. With AI, a machine becomes smart and can do tasks that otherwise require humans. For example, chatting, voice recognition.

The ability of AI to think and act rationally allows users to achieve defined goals. However, for more accurate results, the need is to take a careful decision about the level of AI usage. The complicated tasks demand robust AI.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Technology – Artificial Intelligence Future

AI is becoming an indispensable part of our lives. And with time, its occupancy would grow because it has enormous potential. From managing small and repetitive tasks, minimizing error and problem solving to handling more complex acts like trend analysis, research, and remote healthcare services, AI is taking care of all that too nicely. Being ignorant of human-like emotions and thus, impartial, AI facilitates the appropriate decision making.

Its advantages make it a widely used technology across the world.  According to the Grand View Research report, the size of the global artificial intelligence market was valued at US$ 39.9 billion. And the same is anticipated to grow at CAGR of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027. Further, as per the stats highlighted by AI Multiple, amid 2015 to 2019, the number of companies using Artificial Intelligence in the business increased by 270%.

Businesses are heavily investing in this technology. There is hardly any industry which is not harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence technology to flourish. Automobile, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and the list goes on.

So, how can the web design and development segment be left untouched of this powerful technology?

It can’t.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Empowering Digital Ecosystem

AI is playing a significant part in the development of already thriving areas of the present time — digital marketing and website design & development. By offering advanced automated tools for the task, this technology is helping both you (by simplification of the work and increasing effectiveness) and your users (heightened user experience and ease of browsing). But how? Let’s get acquainted.

Assimilating AI into Website

Automating Design Process

Having AI at work lets you create an elegant website with minimal human intervention. This technology is known as Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). It uses Machine Learning to create a website based on the input given by a human. Example – Wix.

Placing Chatbots/Virtual Assistants

Gone are the days when chatbots used to have inadequate responses. Now, with technological advancements, AI is improving, and so the chatbot database. From round the clock support and quick response (no waiting time) to better engagement, friendly approach and easily understandable communication – a virtual assistant or chatbot can offer everything. And even more. That’s the reason an increasing number of companies are placing chatbots on the website. Along with enhanced customer satisfaction, it brings down your cost too.

Advanced Security

Cyber attacks are serious dangers to any website. And no one wants to compromise at this point, as shielding customer’s information is the responsibility of the website owner. Are we on the same page? Then why not use Artificial Intelligence to ensure heightened safety of the website? Machine Learning, combined with threat-related data, can help you detect any threat at earliest, thereby preventing any damage.

Convert Handmade Designs into Codes

Now web designing is no more a headache! Yeah, you can design beautiful websites without any coding skills. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence! All you need to do is to draw the design on the paper, and an AI tool like Sketch2Code will write the HTML code for the particular design. How? It has different components to detect and comprehend the design patterns, text and structure.

Voice Search

With the increasing dependency of people on voice search devices like Alexa and Siri and growing demand for voice search on the web, website voice search optimization is gaining popularity. Now, facilitating users with smooth voice communication is becoming vital. And Artificial Intelligence is needed for the same. AI, through natural language processing and speech recognition technology, understands the spoken words and converts it to the readable format for identifying the exact query and serving you with the solution.

Know what your Customers Want!

Serving the customer with what they want is the best way to satisfy them! And the use of AI algorithms on the website facilitates you to find that. The crucial information about the behaviour and expectations of your target audience allows you to design better products/services. Also, it lets you maintain a flawless website with proper navigations for smooth browsing experience as you get to know their website usage pattern. You can adjust the structure accordingly. Moreover, by integrating AI into your website, you are selecting to have a quick action plan to deal with software issues, configurations, etc.

Winding Up

Basically, website design and development are complicated tasks. It involves multiple steps, like the selection of colour combination, site planning, coding, etc. However, with the use of automated tools, the task becomes super easy. The automation in the website creation can help you accomplish your business goals in a better way. AI enables the concerned person to generate a unique web design, offering innovative features without compromising usability.

And that’s not the end! Artificial Intelligence technology is evolving continuously. You can get a competitive edge by keeping an eye on the AI advancements.

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