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Simple & Powerful Chatbot Plugins to Increase Your Website Conversion

Today, if you want to succeed, you have to engage and entice your customers. Here, offering excellent products and services and a classic after-sale service is not enough. That’s a pre-requisite and a later thing. Firstly, you should be able to convert your audience into customers. That demands a lot of effort as the competition is increasing with time. You need to make them feel that you are devoted to people and offer one-to-one attention and support. The need is to tackle every visitor the best way and address all their queries at their preferred time. Okay, that’s pretty easy in a physical setup. But what about online businesses? How can you engage your website visitors without fail?


You can do that with the help of Chatbot – a programmed interface facilitating smooth interaction for your website visitors. Chatbot lets them connect with you whenever they want. And plugin makes this task easier for you. Using an appropriate chatbot plugin, you can establish a connection between your website visitors and yourself without any problem.

Popular Chatbot Plugins


Turning visitors into customers is a challenging task in the online business! But not anymore because Smartsupp is here to assist you. By automating the processes involved in the customer shopping journey, Smartsupp enhances the customer’s experience. This plugin lets you have a live chat system, a multi-language chatbot, and video recordings of your customer’s shopping journey, thereby enabling you to obtain meaningful data about what’s working and what needs to be improved. These are just the main features. Smartsupp has much more to offer. With the Smartsupp plugin, you can have higher sales with minimal effort. And getting started with this plugin is a matter of a few minutes, and you can do the same without any coding skills. Its seamless integration with all the major platforms makes it even more lovable. So, let a chatbot take care of your visitors 24/7 to keep them satisfied.


Are you looking for a smooth customer engagement solution? Congratulations! You have Tidio. Get the Tidio and build a powerful chatbot that can offer ease to both – your audience and yourself. Tidio is a reliable and easy to use chatbot plugin that can make your customer support journey more manageable. And how can you go about it? To build a Tidio chatbot, you can use a template from the Tidio library or design it the way you want. See how simple is it to automate the customer support task! And the best thing, you can do it cost-effectively as Tidio has a free plan too. Plus, its installation hardly takes time or demand any technical skills. With Tidio, getting a chatbot is a matter of just a few minutes. Well, Tidio offerings don’t end here. It has a lot to offer, including lead generation. So, don’t miss checking out Tidio if you want to boost your conversion.

Crisp Live Chat

Now, round the clock chat support is an inevitable part of online businesses. And an excellent way that allows you to offer this is the Crisp plugin. This plugin enables you to have personalized communication with your visitors at their desired time. Crisp not only provides innovative live chat and excellent chatbot solutions but a CRM system to take care of your visitors; co-browsing with customers, browsing history, and video chat to analytics and knowledge base, you can get all and much more, depending upon the plan you select. Talking specifically about the Crisp chatbot, it lets you offer immediate assistance to your visitors and customers. As the Crisp chatbot builder comes with a visual editor, you can create workflows and come up with a customized chatbot. Being a no-code builder, it doesn’t demand any technical knowledge and skills. And the best part, every member of your company can access the chatbot editor. With Crisp, you can create messages for different channels using one chatbot script.


If you are a WordPress user looking for one of the simplest chatbot solutions for your website, then you can go for WPBot. It’s a convenient chatbot plugin; install it, and you are ready to go. Right from chatting with the website users, showing text responses, and displaying FAQs to enabling them to connect with you through email or leaving their contact detail, you can do everything with this plugin. To make the task simpler for you, it has built-in features, which of course, you can disable. Plus, you can integrate it with Google’s Dialogflow to empower it with AI and NLP.

Cliengo Chatbot

To provide you with impressive functionalities, Cliengo has a smart chatbot for you. It not only enables you to provide active support to your users but also assists your marketing team. How? By capturing the visitor’s details like name, email, and phone number. You can use this opportunity to boost sales and enhance customer experience. This chatbot is available for WhatsApp and Facebook as well. So, get ready to offer an amazing experience to your visitors through a customized chatbot with Cliengo.

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Wrap Up

Customer support is a vital aspect of any business as it can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling products or offering services, your audience expects excellent care. They want individual attention at every stage. To satiate them, you need to be available at their desired time. And the best solution to this is – automation. In the era of technological advancement and digital transformation, not using the power of automation is one of the biggest mistakes. It’s better not to commit the same. Get a suitable chatbot plugin and let your business grow.

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