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SEO Tips, Tricks & Rules for 2016

SEO Tips, Tricks & Rules for 2016

2016 has arrived but are you prepared to handle the changes in the way businesses market their services and products by improving their rankings with search engine optimization.

Wondering what SEO tips will turn out to be major hits? Don’t worry. Here we will discuss hottest SEO tricks & rules that work. Have a look!

Social Content has Become Important

In 2016, content from social media has become all the more powerful and has a major impact on SERPs. Already, 77 percent of marketers use social media to boost SEO. This year, online marketers are trying various tactics to make tweets and facebook posts rank higher on SERPs. Social media will emerge as one of the most powerful SEO tools.

Videos are Ruling

We all know videos are a great way to keep audience entertained and engaged. But did you know that you can also improve your ranking using videos? These days, Google has started giving significance to blended results. Videos get 50 times more organic page ranks in Google against static, plain text results. Also video searchers garner more than 41 percent higher click-through rate in online marketing as compared to plain, static content.

The only way to appear higher on search engines is by uploading videos on YouTube or by using Video SEO. It’s important for Google to find your video content.

Mobile Website Optimization has Become Crucial

Is your website mobile friendly? Your audience is not at one place. People use all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, phone watches, laptops to browse web. Lot of brands have gone mobile friendly in this year. Mobile optimization will become a norm. So it’s the perfect time, you change your SEO strategies for mobile searches.

So, one of the best SEO tips 2016 is to carry out mobile optimization of your website to keep yourself ahead of your competition. Make sure everything on your website, from fonts to colors, and from logo design to content, is mobile optimized.

Voice Search is Must

These days, busy people use voice search simply because it’s safer and more convenient, especially when somebody is multitasking. It has become a big part of mobile usage and has taken away the huge pain of typing keywords to run a search query. All mobile devices have a voice search function. So include it in your mobile site as well.

Content Aggregation are Getting Much Better

According to a report by digitalcurrent.com, wiki, knowledge graph, social media, maps, local, images, news and videos make for 89 percent of Google search results. These stats indicate that these days’ people look for sources that provide relevant information for a particular topic or subject at one place. If you’re also planning the same thing, make sure you collect and curate from different high authority sources and display at one place for your audience to see to build your authority.

Local SEO has Become Even More Important

This trend is getting stronger over the years. According to Times group CEO, local SEO will gain prominence in the coming days. As a marketer, you must inform Google where you’re located and what you’re offering so that your chances of showing up on pages improve. It’s now important to have your local page that will include the name and address of your business with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Your local page listings can improve consumer engagement with your business and your rankings.

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