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Quick Guide To Verify You Are Working With A Top Website Development Company In India

With the mounting importance of online business presence, the craze of website development has increased. Doesn’t matter it’s a small company, start-up, or an MNC, everyone wants to have a website. And the website should be flawless and work smoothly. However, that’s not an easy task.

Website Development involves numerous technical aspects that, you, as a client, might or might not know. And there’s a great possibility that you see web development as a cakewalk. But that’s where the problem begins because you may end up associating with an immature player in the industry. However, you can avoid all the possible issues of your web
development project just by choosing the right web development company.

Selecting the Right Web Development Company

As the demand for website development started increasing, you must have noticed a sudden rise in the number of web development agencies in the industry. The reason is pretty obvious; people see it as an opportunity. Additionally, web design & development seems to be a profitable field.

But not all players have needed potential. And they all can’t be equally competent. However, you get to know the truth when things get stuck in the middle. Or you don’t get the desired result from your website. But, by now, you will also realise that it is already too late to think about this. Lots of resources are gone! Thus, it is better to adopt a careful approach to the
selection of the website development company.

So, we should see how to choose a good website development company for your business – the only way to avoid problems.

Hold on!

Before moving on, Analyse your Requirements, first. This step forms the foundation. You, being unaware of your precise requirements and expectations, cannot find the right web development agency. Like without knowing the exact pain areas and problems, it’s not possible to get a suitable treatment. Because you won’t have anything to tell to the other party. In the absence of the same, it would be inappropriate to expect great work. Upon analysis of your needs, start searching the companies that seem to be fitting. Then you can shortlist and eventually, finalise the website development company based on the below criteria.

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company?

Company’s Website & Presence

The best way to judge the ability of a web development service provider is to start seeing its website. Its website should speak about their work. Okay, it might happen that you might not be able to judge the effectiveness of the backend, but, at least, you will get to know their efficacy of working on the front-end, including the structure, presentation of the content, the
designing part, navigation and speed.

Also, check their presence on the other platforms. For example – Facebook, Instagram. Plus, look for their standing in the market. Check their presence on business listings like Google and others. Their availability and manner of presenting themselves will give you a huge idea about their skills.

Domain Knowledge

Talk to them. Find how much they know about the hard-core web development technicalities. Combining some ready-made structures is not website development. For this, you can prepare a list of questions and ask them; see how well and confidently they can resolve your queries.

Check Experience & Portfolio

“We have 20+ years’ experience”. Who cares; it is just a number? What the service provider has done in these many years matter, actually. Check out their work portfolio to know what kind of websites they have created. Also, you can see if they have something that matches your requirement in the portfolio. We suggest, not rejecting the service provider just because
they have not done a similar project earlier if you feel they have in-depth subject knowledge.


Along with the conceptual knowledge and skills, it is vital to see that a particular web development service provider has professionalism or not. How the concerned person deals with different situations, how he communicates, how the team handles the project – the importance given to the client’s needs, deadlines, etc., impacts the client-business relationship. The non-existence of this can spoil entire things, even your whole business if you have a website-based business.

Examine Their Online Reputation

Well, we have the most important point here. Check what their previous customers want to say about them. See the number of reviews, the percentage of positive and negative reviews and the ratings. Try going through the comments to identify their plus and minus points. Then

Pro tip – Be cautious if they have all 5 stars. There could be a problem; it could be fake ratings, so go for extensive evaluation.

Customer Support, Website Maintenance & Issue Resolution

Are they responsive to customers? How much time they can devote to solve your doubts? What if any problem arises in the website? Will they be available for you to fix the issue instantly? Because a small website downtime or other technical glitches can cost you badly. Also, what about website maintenance; will that be free or chargeable, what is included? Before finalising, make sure you get satisfactory answers to the above questions.

Are they Innovative?

Suppose they have made 4 different websites for different florists at a different point in time. Do all of them look similar, with little variations here & there – like colour, placement, etc.? Or they managed to come up with a novice website every time. Check how innovative and creative they are.

Summing Up

Using a sound selection process is an unbeatable way to choosing the right web development company. By devoting some time before project initiation, you can ensure peace of mind throughout, along with a guarantee to have the wanted outcome. Additionally, you can devote
your time to your core area and get the optimum results for your business.

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