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Online Reputation Management – An Overlooked Kid of The Digital Marketing Family

You can’t continue running the business, keep selling products and services, without taking into account what the recipients have to say about that. Because the feelings or opinion of your customers can help you level up your business or can kick you out of the industry. Sounds shocking, right?

But it is correct as word of mouth kind of thing still works. And in fact, we should say that in the digital ecosystem, when people do business or order products/services without even meeting each other, word of mouth reputation can be game-changing. Also, there is no geographical constraint.

Here, comes into the picture, the concept called Online Reputation Management. It is a valuable member of the digital marketing club, which is often neglected by many businesses. Let’s dive into this world and check if it deserves a place in the must-do digital marketing activities.

What is Online Reputation Management?

The name is self-explanatory! Online reputation is your image on the internet. It is what people see about you when they search for you and your goodwill. Managing reputation is all about maintaining a clean image on the internet.

But don’t take us wrong.

It’s not about deleting negative comments/reviews, hiding people’s concerns they have posted when it is about doing business with you, etc. No. People are free to tell others about what they feel about you, your products/services, your process, behaviour, etc. However, what they
are mentioning about you should be correct, and you need to see to it if you want to continue growing.

Well, that’s not the end of the Online Reputation Management task. There is much more to it.

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg (Renowned Reputation Management Consultant) said,

“Reputation building does not just suppress negative information but focuses on building the long-term value in a positive reputation”.

Oh, what’s that? How to go on with creating a positive reputation? By opening a bit more about yourself on the digital platforms. Tell people what you have for them, how you can benefit them, how you have provided value to your customers in the past, what are your core values, and there can be many more to it. You have to find ways to make a clear picture of
yourself on the internet while keeping in mind that it should appear believable. Try to be real and genuine else things can backfire.

What Else?

Engage in content marketing. Create and publish content relating to your business, including products and services. Disseminate information to help people in knowing your business (products/services) more. Also, it will enable them to understand and judge your knowledge and skills. Let them believe that you can serve them with desirable results. Here, pay heed to
the search queries as well. While creating content, check what people want to know. Because self-bragging doesn’t work.

Online Reputation Management – The Need

  • Maintains Goodwill – By regularly managing the online reputation, you tend to have a powerful image in the market, which is vital for getting clients in the digital world.
  • Enhance Trustworthiness – People get to know that you have great values. You give due importance to your customers and are committed to providing flawless service to them.
  • Elevate Sales – Higher trust and credibility level in the market lets you gain more customers in lesser efforts, thereby, increasing sales.
  • Strengthen the Brand – The above benefits leads to higher motivation level. You become stronger and more dedicated.

Managing Online Reputation – Where?

Okay, online reputation management (ORM) is a cardinal activity. But what should be the starting point? Internet is a vast place. Where to look for reputation related things?

There are two places.

  • Social media platforms – It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or others.
  • Search Engine Results – You have the rest of the web! There are so many areas to look at like review sites, discussion forums, third-party websites and blogs (they can use your name to enhance their image), news websites, etc.

In short, it’s about keeping an eye for your name on the entire web. But how can you do that? You can do the task manually if you are getting a notification like a review has been posted about you, you have been tagged on LinkedIn, etc.; it is about looking at one or two social media platforms, or it can be managed by checking google reviews occasionally. But things
might not necessarily happen this way. And you can’t let others use your name in the wrong way. So, you need to identify the places where your name is being used inappropriately.


You have Online Reputation Management tools to assist you with the task. Well, that is a different topic; let’s keep it for another time.

Some Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  • Don’t leave any comment or review unaddressed. Try to be proactive; and if there’s an issue, try to solve it ASAP and mention what you have done to resolve the issue,
    publicly. In fact, better to avoid issues, if you can.
  • If you feel the review talks about some authentic concern, by addressing which you can improve your services, thank the person who has posted it, along with requesting apologies. And if the issue seems to be false defamation, go into the depths and ask for clarification publicly.
  • Encourage clients to post feedback that can portray you correctly. One or two-word reviews like 'nice', 'good work', are, generally, less trustworthy.
  • If you find some third-person spoiling your image just for personal benefit and posting negative content about you, talk to the person. Get the content removed. And if required, don't hesitate from taking legal actions.
  • Use the right tools to ensure efficacy.

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