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Make Link Management & Optimization Process for WordPress Painless with These Plugins

Do you want to get the best out of your SEO effort? Are you willing to get to the top of the SERP and enjoy a high domain authority? Then you must pay attention to the links.

Links, whether internal or external, are a vital part of your website’s SEO strategy. And that makes link management a crucial task.

What’s Link Management?

The task of checking the quality and quantity of all the inbound and outbound links of a website and managing them to ensure effective link building and positive outcomes of the SEO efforts is link management. It involves tasks like routine analysis of the links, making sure that the links have appropriate tags, use of suitable anchor text, customizing links, etc.

Why is Link Management Important?

In the absence of a proper link organization and management, you might lose track of the quality and quantity of the inbound and outbound links. Analysing the links and fixing the links-related issue would hardly be possible in that case. That, in turn, will impact your SEO results. Plus, it can hit your brand image as the bad quality, non-optimized links lead to hampering your credibility.

But there’s a common problem we have come across. That’s – how to organize website links? Because there’s a lot to do. Either spend your time or financial resources for appointing the link management professional to set things right for your WordPress website.

Well, what if we say there’s a mid-way out? Yes! And that smart solution is link management plugins. The use of relevant plugins helps you ensure the quality of your website’s links in good form while saving resources.

So, let’s get straight to knowing the plugins. 

Link Management Plugins

WordPress Plugin – WP Links

Once again, WebFactory Ltd. has released a fantastic WordPress plugin – WP Links. Its primary benefits are an increase in SEO by placing REL and TARGET attributes based on different link attributes, which is impossible to do manually with thousands of internal or external links, a complete link control (a link checker feature checks every link on the site to see if it has the correct REL tag, if it is broken, or if it leads to a malicious site), and protection of visitors and traffic (by alerting them each time they attempt to visit a potentially dangerous page). These additions simplify site administration and improve search engine optimization and user engagement.

Broken Link Checker

There’s no sense in having any external or internal link on the website that doesn’t work. Even a single broken link is enough to spoil the UX, and it hurts your SEO too. But how to take care of this aspect? You can do so using Broken Link Checker Plugin- a highly configurable plugin. This plugin keeps a watch on all the external and internal links of your website (web pages, comments, posts, etc.) to identify the link that’s not working. And it will tell you about the same through email or the dashboard. Using this plugin, you can even stop search engines to follow the broken links.

Pretty Links

The name of the plugin itself tells the story! Yes! It enhances the links for you to make them appear the way you want them to. Available in four languages with over 3 lakh active installations, Pretty Links is a popular link management solution. Using this plugin, you can create simple links, shorten them, and manage them to maintain a clean link profile. Plus, with Pretty Links, you can even track your links. Yes! You can get the hit counts for them. Talking specifically about the link shortening, it’s a better option than many other tools. Why? Because it lets you shrink the link with your own domain name.

Custom Permalinks

Do you want an option that can let you have the URL structure of choice for any post, page, category, tag, etc.? You can do that through Custom Permalinks. This plugin enables you to set the desired URL and have full control over site structure without worrying about the old permalinks, as they will redirect to the new address automatically. But you will have to assign custom permalink individually to each page, post, etc.

Internal Link Juicer

Developed for bloggers, affiliates, and agencies, Internal Link Juicer is a heavy-duty, renowned, and dependable plugin that can help you gain visibility in the SERP and make your website more favourable for your audience. Let’s see some of its superb features. It fully automates keyword linking once you add keywords while you have full control over linking. That means you can remove the links from the undesirable place. It helps you save time by letting you generate multiple relevant links in minimal time, and, of course, you will have smart insights on the links. Well, you can expect more as that’s not all. So, check out the details.


If you are an affiliate marketer looking for a simple idea to better manage all your links by keeping them organized, go for the ThirstyAffiliates plugin. Yes! This simple plugin allows you to do multiple tasks and can make your journey of affiliate marketing easy. Being downloaded more than 4 lakh times by global WordPress users, it’s a great affiliate link management solution with an inbuilt link shortener. From cloaking long ugly affiliate links, easy insertion of links into the blogs and providing you with commission theft protection, it does all…and much more. So, what else it can do for you? Auto-link keywords, proactive link fixing, automatic 404 error check, Geolocation targeting, CSV import/export facility, optional uncloaking, along with providing excellent insights about the performance. Well, there’s even more to the list. So, better you check it once.

External Links

Are you looking for a comprehensive link management solution to effectively manage all the links of your WordPress website? Well, this plugin is the solution. Download and install the plugin, and it will take care of a lot of link-related activities for you. And you don’t need any specific skills to use this plugin. Though named External Links, this plugin lets you manage internal links as well, along with the external ones. This plugin looks after several control functions – open link in a new tab, follow/no-follow, no-opener, user-generated content, and link icons. You can set other aspects as well, like the title. Using this plugin, you can scan particular components of your website, like comments, posts, etc., or complete the website, so that no link goes unchecked.

That’s all for now.

Now when you have the solution, start implementing the same without any delay.  And if you need any assistance, write to us now. With us, the best service is guaranteed.

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