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Make Email Marketing Painless With These Super Effective Tools

Email Marketing, though sounds old-school and considered as irrelevant by many, it isn’t. It has managed to maintain its greatness even in the times when many people believe social media marketing is all that is left. That’s the reason email users are rising continuously, and billions of emails are sent every day (various sources suggest). In fact, 73% of Millenials
prefer doing business communications through email (Hubspot). So, ignoring email marketing should never be an option.

Well, are you using email marketing for the growth of your business?

Yes, but it is a tedious task and demands more time! If that’s what you feel, then it won’t be the case anymore. Keep reading to find the painless ways of doing email marketing.

No! Then it’s time to start doing email marketing. And that too in a smart way as today we are up with the list of super-effective email marketing tools.

Reliable & Reasonable Email Marketing Tools


If you are into digital space, you must have heard this name for sure. It’s an American company providing email marketing service along with a marketing automation platform. Mailchimp has been awarded as one of the best software companies of the year 2020. Also, it got rated in the top for email marketing and all-in-one marketing. It has smart email marketing tools that allow you to create and send professional emails. Right from pre-
designed templates and drag-and-drop email builder tools to data (image & files) storage facility and real-time analytics it has everything. So, whether it is about sending transactional emails with a personal touch or other business-related emails, Mailchimp can be a good choice, even if you are a small-scale business as Mailchimp has a free plan too. Moreover, it
facilitates you with ‘pay as you go’ option as well.

Hubspot Email Marketing

Creating and sending professional-looking emails made easy! Yeah, with Hubspot’s email marketing software, you can draft customized emails, which not only appear reliable and sensible but represent your brand as well. And all that’s possible without any technical assistance; so forget about designers or IT specialists. How? Select your favourite template
from the marketplace and make necessary changes with the help of innovative options available. And send the email with fully-tailored subject lines to increase email opening rate and in turn, enjoy higher chances of conversion.

The emails designed using this tool come out to be fully responsive and look perfect on every device. Further, you can create landing pages too. And A/B test and analytics are there as well, to help you raise the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. You can find out things like subject lines that work better, the device being used, and a lot more data. The best
part of the Hubspot email marketing tool is its cost-effectiveness. You can start with the free plan as well.

Convert Kit

It is among the most popular tools in the email marketing fraternity. The popularity is backed by easy-to-use templates, high delivery rate & open rate, and features like bulk and automated email sending. Convert Kit also offers enhanced features like auto email funnel, A/B testing, integrations, and email analytics. All these make it a tool that’s both easy and
powerful at the same time.


It aims at increasing the open rate. You can improve your email open rate by 34% with Automizy (as mentioned by Automizy). It serves you with all the necessary features needed for making email marketing drive success and not just the facility of drafting and sending the emails automatically. Automizy helps you develop high-performing email campaigns. And
the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) lets you know the impact of your email subject line before even sending, so you can make necessary adjustments at the right time. In short, Automizy offers you everything, right from email marketing automation, app integrations, public API, result measurement to growing subscriber’s list and getting more leads.


When the world is shifting to the digital path at a faster rate, automation is not an add-on. Instead, it is a necessity. And email marketing is the one demanding it the most, being important but laborious. So, now it is time to simplify the task. How? Using SendGrid can be a great way. It lets you perform email marketing task in an uncomplicated way. You can create, design and send attractive emails in lesser time. Also, you can create signup forms using this tool, and yeah contact management and email stats are anyway there. Talking about the plan, you can start with free and can upgrade as and when you feel the need. The charges are reasonable, and you have the option to go for a customized plan too.


A multi-functional tool! Create engaging and highly personalized emails; choose from a vast range of professional-looking templates and photo to make the email appear the way you desire. Additionally, you can create newsletters, landing pages, subscription forms, and can even do marketing automation using Moosend. And here, personalization is not for the
namesake; analyse the behaviour of your list and do effective segmentation for sending emails that make the recipient feel ‘Aha, it is just for me’. Pointless to mention, analytics and testing facilities are there too.

Remember the words of Erik Harbison. He said,

“If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.”

Now you have the top email marketing tools to make your life easier and help you make the most of the email marketing activities. So, enjoy the power of automation. However, don’t forget to ensure the efficacy of your email marketing strategy as, without the same, hardly anything would help.

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