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Is it Worth to Go with Web Designing Company Over Freelancer

Website is like a showcase of your business on the digital platform. Paul Cookson stated, “Website promote you 24/7: No employee will do that”. This statement fully relates to the current scenario. Thus, in the era of digitalization, it is must to have a sublime website.

Website Building…Simple As ABC

Do you think making a website is plain sailing? If yes, then you are mistaken. It is more than just content. For benefit, the website design should be good-looking, which includes multiple elements. A minute error in website designing can take away the entire traffic. At this point, the statement by D. Christopher Dayagdag comes into mind, which says – “website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon”.

Sadly, with the rise of DIY website building tools, some people have started taking website creation for granted. But remember, while building the website, users are not the only party about whom designers should think. Top search engines like Google also has a policy in place that needs the attention of the web creator. So, successful website building requires expertise + creativity + heedfulness.

Now, comes an important point. How you should get the website created? Should you go with web designing company or freelancer? This decision is not easy to take, as both web designing company and freelancers have something to offer. But, you need to choose whom you want to go with.

However, is it better to pick one of these two randomly? Surely, it would be an injustice with the other. Thus, let’s compare the two options and arrive at a conclusion.

Website Designing Company VS Freelancer – A Point Worth Pondering!


Website designing companies become part of the industry for the long term and have a mission, vision, and objective. Thus, companies work hard to maintain their goodwill. Web designing company has more reputation in the industry as compared to freelancers. The same can be verified from various sources like testimonials, online reviews, and other connections. You can rely on these reviews of web designing company in India and can judge their credibility.

But, when it comes to freelancing, at times, it has been observed that freelancers don’t give due importance to their work. They generally take this as a part-time job of temporary nature. Also, it becomes difficult to verify if they are genuine or not.

Expertise & Resources

As you know, to build an effective website, different professionals are needed. Website design companies have all the necessary resources, including monetary, human resource, and technology. They have their content writers, graphic designers, web developers and web designers to name a few. Thus, they can manage all tasks that are in line with website creation for you. You need not to contact different people. Additionally, being an organized and advanced entity, they can afford to work using the latest technology.

However, freelancers generally work on an individual basis. It is quite difficult to find all-in-one package due to which you will have to contact different people for getting the work done. It becomes tedious. Even in case, you find a freelancer, for say developer and he says he knows designer for your work, then also it would be difficult. You cannot trust everyone.


On one hand, web development companies are structured organizations and take care of all the aspects of the works. They know they are the participant of the long race and to remain in the game, they need the support of the clients. Only happy customers contribute to the profitability and for this, companies assist customers as and when they feel. You can head towards web designing company in India anytime you need help.

On the flip side, freelancers are individuals who want to complete the project and get a paycheck. Mostly, they do not care what happens afterward. You cannot contact them whenever you need assistance.


Coming to accountability and responsibility, you will find a web designing company more suitable. They have a set of process, which they follow. You can approach the company in case you come across any deviations. And, they will work on that. As they go through a proper process, you might feel the deadline you get for the project far-reaching. But, remember when they give a deadline, they mean it. They do not delay the work.

Coming to freelance web designers, you might not go by their words concerning the deadline. Though this is not the case with everyone, you know it happens because they are the only authority. They might promise to complete the work in a short span, but do you have surety? As it is the nature of their work, they might have many projects at hand at once, and any glitch in one could cause a delay in another. As here, unlike web designing company in India, the freelancer is the only who takes care of all the assignments.


Freelancers charge less as compared to web design companies but while comparing the charges, take into account the services both parties offer.

Final Words

After going through the comparison between the web designing company and freelancer, you might be ready with the decision! Isn’t it? For a website that performs without any glitches and helps you generate better Return on Investment (ROI) for business, it is advisable to go with a web designing company in India. They have a team with all the required skill set to make your website first-rate. Why put more efforts unnecessarily when you can get your website without hassle? Moreover, the website designing companies provide full support as and when needed, which you won’t find if you choose to go with freelance website designers.

Make Your Website A Synonym Of Success

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