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Is Google Sites A Better Option Than WordPress?

Today, not having a website is not an option; that acts as your face in the digital world. A website is coming up as a first resort. The first thing a user does when hearing about a product/service provider (need not necessarily dealing in online selling) is visiting the website. So, even if you are into an offline business with a physical setup, having a website can be tremendously beneficial. Okay, that’s about the importance of having a website. But that’s basic.

And knowing that, you are ready to begin! You have a domain.

But what’s next? Of course, it’s website building. But how to go about it?

You have several ways to design and develop a website. Among numerous website building options, CMS is the most manageable one and that too, WordPress ⃰.

That’s what most people know! But is that true?

Ahh! So, the problem doesn’t end here.

Though WordPress is a great website building solution, that’s not the only one. You have other options as well for creating your website.

Well, one alternative is Google Sites.

And in this post, we are going to compare WordPress and Google Sites. The intent is to help you in making an informed decision and selecting the best.


It’s a free, open-source and the most popular website development platform. You can use WordPress to create a website for diverse needs, ranging from simple to professional.

Google Sites

It’s an uncomplicated, free cloud website building platform for creating a simple yet reliable website. With this, you get an added advantage in the form of a free website hosting platform. However, you don’t get a custom domain without subscribing to Google workspace.

Google Sites V/S WordPress: Which is Better?

To get an answer, let’s compare these two website building solutions on different parameters.

Functionality, Appearance & Flexibility

Google Sites

Google Sites offers essential functionalities and features. But you have limitations like a limited number of sub-pages, themes, etc. So, flexibility is an issue. Though it’s a good platform for a clean and minimalistic website, customisation is a problem. The boundary is very narrow, restricting you to experiment with the design and appearance of the website.


Here, you are free; no limitations and restrictions. You have complete control over your website’s look. You can design it the way you want, as you have numerous options and an extensive library of themes and plugins. By integrating the appropriate plugin, you can get the needed functionality and feature, including analytics, security and much more.


Google Sites

Setting up a website through Google setup is plain sailing. You can do this without web development or technical skills. The simple drag and drop options simplify the task further. All you need to get started is a Google Account. Building and launching a website is a matter of less than an hour.


Though it’s beginner-friendly and you can create a good website using it, you will require a qualified WordPress developer to have a highly functional and robust website because that demands a bit of programming knowledge and skills, as there’s a lot to do in WordPress. It lets you create a heavy-duty website. Even Fortune 500 companies use WordPress for website development.

Ease of Management

Google Sites

Working on Google Sites is very easy, requiring no learning. A person with zero knowledge about website creation can also use this platform comfortably. Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly interface with the WYSIWYG editor! You can easily add, delete or modify pages without any upload, download or installation. You can take multiple actions from one place. And integrating analytics is also simple. Plus, it comes with hosting so, you need not spend time looking for an appropriate hosting service provider and plan.


WordPress is also easy to manage. But as compared to Google Sites, it’s a bit hard. It has several options, and to make the best possible use of the WordPress resources, you should at least know what each aspect has for you.


Google Sites

With Google Sites, you get ample support. With Google’s knowledge base, help centre and forum, you can access the information when needed. But the options are limited. The free option doesn’t offer email, live chat and phone support.


Again, they have a strong community with a large user base, documentation and forums. You can seek help for any WordPress related query. But if you want live support, you will have to go for premium plans.


Google Sites

It’s free forever. You need not pay a single penny to start or run Google Sites. But connecting your website to your own domain requires a subscription to Google Workspace Plan.


WordPress also allows you to start for free. But the basic, no-cost plan offers limited features. Same as Google Sites, with WordPress, you need to subscribe to a paid plan to have a custom domain for your website.

Closing Note

Which website building platform you choose doesn’t matter. What matters is that you must have a smooth-functioning, great-looking and easy-to-use website. And the definition of these three features varies from one person to another.

Though WordPress is the most popular and winning solution for website creation, it doesn’t mean Google sites are not a sensible option. Upon deeper analysis, you may find Google sites the fittest for your needs. Thus, to clear the confusion and conclude, perform an in-depth analysis of your website requirements – think about the goals, audience, etc., along with considering the above comparison.

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  ⃰ We have used WordPress.com for the above comparison.

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