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Ideas and Tips for Logo Designing

Designing a good logo is not easy. There is more to crafting a visual identity of a brand than merely placing a company name right there in a square and then calling it a day! These days, quality logo design companies are in high demand everywhere, and for good reason. A logo creates a first impression about any business-one that can impact customer’s perception, overall attitude and purchase decisions towards a service or product.

Today we can see colorful logos everywhere. Even kids recognize many logos and can easily pinpoint what a company sells by just looking at a logo.

For all those who want to embark on a logo design journey, or think it’s time for their business visual identity to undergo a face lift, we are proving valuable logo designing tips straight from experts.

Be clever and unique

One of the best ideas for logo designing is to build one that helps distinguish it from competition. Therefore, you need to ensure its image stands out from the rest. This holds true for both personal logo and business logo.

Creating a world class design isn’t about avoiding imitation, but also about designing something out-of-box. It might seem tempting to use an industry icon on the page, but it’s better to think creatively. The Virgin Atlantic log isn’t an airplane. The Mercedes log isn’t a car. The Apple logo isn’t a computer!

Understand the brand

Even though a logo is an image, it’s also an introduction to a brand. Your logo must reach a specific audience and when designing, you should always keep this fact in mind. Write down all that you feel about the brand. You can even create a mood board with some imagery that might remind you or brand ideology.

Is your brand utility driven or are more focused on evoking emotions? Is it quirky or contemporary? What does a brand inspire to be and what does customer care about? While it’s helpful to stay up to date with design trends, it’s more vital for you to stay true to brand’s overreaching personality.

Color is Key

When considering brand personality, you must think about all aspects of the image. Bold and bright colors might grab attention, but could also seem brash. On the other hand, muted tones may exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. Every color can have different implication and can bring some nuance to your message. So don’t convey a wrong message with a simple brush stroke!

There’s something in name!

Almost all logos have two elements: a symbol and a wordmark. Before you think of representing yourself with a symbol, you might have to carry out lot of advertising. Some companies prefer to stick to logotype entirely, such as Coca Cola, Ray Ban and IBM.

If your business has a unique name, you can easily get away with a logotype. However, if it’s a generic name, then you need to do something to identify your company. Best logo design by a good designer is important here.

Keep it easy and flexible

It is important to have a completely balanced combination of quirky and simple-you want your business or personal logo to be simple, yet good enough for someone to sit up and stare, while analyzing your logo.

Logo helps in establishing your brand and a good logo designer helps you develop a great logo that will represent your brand.

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