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How to Utilize Voice Search to Expand Your Digital Footprint?

With the advancing technology, the use of voice search is gaining momentum. You won’t be surprised to know that the voice search is not limited to using voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Instead, people have started well-utilizing the voice search function of their smart devices like mobile and TV. The use of voice search is increasing rapidly. And facts are there to back the statement. 32% of people use the voice search function daily rather than typing (source: firstsiteguide.com). Further, the same source highlights that 58% of consumers use voice-activated search for finding local businesses. And that’s not the end. You can find many more eye-popping stats about voice search.

Anyway, when voice search has so many benefits to offers, its popularity is destined to rise.

Voice search is on the way to take the front seat. Though it is not in the finest state as facts show because people face accent or dialect recognition-related issues (source: techjury), IT specialists are working hard to ensure that inaccuracy in voice search should not be an obstruction. To support the voice search and raise its exactness, more work is being done in the area of natural language processing and speech recognition technology. In the coming time, voice search will bring a transformation in the way people browse.

“Voice search is easy. Voice search is quick. Voice search is the future.”

Voice Search – A Game-Changing Factor!

The trend of voice search is here to stay. And it is not worth ignoring because the way people search affects you – the business, website, and app owners. To be at the top position in the SERP, you need to pay heed to website optimization for voice search and ensure it is appropriate for the current and future scenario. And by embracing the change quicker, you can smoothly expand and intensify your digital footprint.

Are you using it for your benefit?


Well, “It is better late than never”. Get started.

And if your answer is Yes, that’s wonderful.

You are already in the arena. However, “There’s always room for improvement no matter what”, said Ali Krieger. And we believe this read will let you empower your digital presence.

How to Use Voice Search for Enhancing Digital Presence?

Voice search is a pretty new phenomenon, and not every brand is ready to reap its benefits. So, you have an opportunity. By making yourself findable through voice search, you can add a quick value. And what do you need to do for the same? Read the content till the last word for the answer.

Identify the Intent

Finding the search intent is the fundamental step of effective optimization. Let’s see how.

The digital world is a noisy place. To stand out here and overcome the competition, you need to obtain the support of your target audience.

For that, you need to provide value to them.

And you can do that only when you know what they want. Isn’t it?

Here, search intent comes into the picture. Search intent tells you what people are looking for; what he/she wants to know. Are they looking for more information on a topic, are they searching for something (a product, service, etc.), whether they are in the mood to buy something, etc.

Explore the Opportunities

Once you know the intent of the audience, go ahead with the content strategy creation. Here, your objective should be to fill the gap. For this, you will need to analyse how search queries vary in the case of text and written searches. In a written search, the queries are typed in the shortest possible way. But contrary to this, in voice search, you would notice that people ask a query in a detailed manner.

For example – David wants to know the name of the Pulitzer prize winner — fiction — for the year 2020.

Here’s how text and voice query might differ.

Text: “Pulitzer prize 2020 winner fiction”

Voice: “Who won the Pulitzer prize in 2020 for fiction ” or “Who is the Pulitzer prize winner for fiction 2020”

There can be more variations of these. Actually, the intent here is to highlight the way an individual takes for searching in both scenarios.

Accordingly, plan about the things you can do and the manner of doing the same, including the type of content, presentation, etc. Remember, you need to be easily understandable and authentic. At the same time, you should ensure a top-notch value.

Optimize Content for Voice Search

Now, it is time to implement things. Here, keep in mind that you are optimizing the content for voice search. And you can’t use similar keywords as you use for optimizing content for written search. Moreover, the way of writing (content layout) calls for a change. Let’s see what we can do to make things better.

Use of Long Tail Keywords

When optimizing for voice search, give priority to long-tail keywords. Being more specific phrases, they can fit into the search intent appropriately. And can help you serve the audience in the desired way.

Target the Questions

Here, you can win the game by being clear and to-the-point. Focus on answering the search question most easily and directly rather than beating around the bush, creating unnecessary stories and using fancy words. Also, try to include question keywords, the ones starting with what, how, etc.

Make Content Conversational

Write content in an uncomplicated way, as if you are talking to a human face-to-face. Don’t use jargons or difficult-to-understand language. Be interactive.

Align your Local listing to Voice Search

Various research reports suggest that people use voice search the most for finding local businesses. For example – “the best bakery in Pune” or “best coffee house near me”. So, optimize the local listing for voice search.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Last but cardinal point! Maximum voice searches are performed on smartphones. So, don’t forget to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and provides an A-1 user experience. Look at every aspect, including the appearance of the text and alignment.

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