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How To Safeguard Yourself from Common E-Commerce Marketing Mistakes?

E-commerce is rising tremendously. It’s altering the way businesses operate. And since the arrival of the pandemic, it’s has grown in an unprecedented manner. Its market share rose quickly, and now, e-commerce is coming up as a game-changer. The convenience of shopping that e-commerce offers is one of the main reasons contributing to its popularism.

Are you involved in the e-commerce business? If not, then it’s time.

Running a business online can be highly profitable in the digital era, but for that to happen, you need to have the right approach. And you need to promote it appropriately. Because like offline market, it’s also a competitive field. Here, even a trivial mistake on your part adds to the opportunities of your competitors. And you can’t let that happen!

Because in e-commerce, losing reputation is much easier than earning the same. Unlike the traditional (offline) business model, you don’t have enough opportunity to talk to the customer/audience and clear their concern. And even a single negative review is enough to hamper your e-commerce business. That means, if you want to see continuous growth in your e-commerce business, you need to avoid even the slightest e-commerce marketing mistake.

But how? For that, you need to identify potential pain points. So, dive into the content to know the e-commerce marketing mistakes, along with the ways to prevent them.

E-Commerce Marketing Mistakes: Identification & Safeguarding

Missing to Define the Target Audience

The survival and growth of your e-commerce business depend on the support you receive from the people, whether they like your business model, offerings, the way you serve them, etc., or not. But who are these ‘people’? Because you are operating online and have no geographical limitations, you can’t serve everyone. Not every person can be your potential client. You can’t expect support from anyone or everyone; you can’t get that. So basically, you need to decide your target audience. If you have not done that, you are at fault. Otherwise, how would you know which group of people you are serving exactly? And without knowing your clients, how can you plan your marketing campaigns and attract them?

Unfit Marketing Strategy

Another common e-commerce marketing mistake is not having a workable strategy. If you want to attain success in your online business, you can’t approach things and situations randomly as and when they come. You have to have a 360-degree strategy for your business, covering every component.  Question yourself, conduct a small survey among your target audience, research, and find answers to all questions that arise – ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘why’ concerning your business. And have things in writing.

Not Studying Target Audience

Many online businesses go wrong here. What they do is – they do define their target audience like Asian females, American men, European kids of age eight to ten years, etc. But they forget to go a step ahead and study them. Check you are not one among them. Just deciding the target audience is not enough; you need to study them, too; their likes-dislikes, 

buying behaviour, consumption capacity, etc. It’s because if you want to increase sales and become a favourite shopping spot, you need to sell what your audience wants and not what you have.

Underestimating the Power of Social Media

Today, not using social media is one of the biggest marketing mistakes. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. By appropriately using social media platforms, you can widen your reach exponentially while increasing your audience base. But here, you have to be judicious in selecting the social media platform for marketing your e-commerce business. You need not be present on all the platforms. That will result in unnecessary resource spending and an undesirable impact on your ROI. Better is to pick social media platform depending upon the presence of your target audience. Post content consistently, and soon you will start getting the results.

Not Employing Social Proof

When it comes to e-commerce business, your reputation, especially online reputation, plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. And the social proof is the way out – it’s an unbeatable way to earn people’s loyalty and gain trust. Let your potential customer know about you through existing customers. Make effective use of testimonials, reviews and ratings.

Considering Product Descriptions to be Less Valuable

Don’t consider product descriptions as a formality. In e-commerce, product description is what tyres are for a vehicle. No matter how good the engine is, your vehicle can’t move without tyres.

Over/Under Use of Pop-Ups

Both overuse and underuse of pop-ups can lead to a missed opportunity. How? In using a very few numbers of pop-ups, you are losing the chance of driving your visitor in the desired direction. And over-use of pop-ups is a way to distract.

Miscalculation While coming up with Minimum Order Value

While deciding the minimum order value, don’t forget to consider the cost you will incur to fulfil that order and your earning aim. Low minimum order value can get you more conversions quickly but can be dangerous for your balance sheet. On the contrary, a very high minimum order value can hit your conversion rate.

No Performance Review

Well, it doesn’t mean that the e-commerce marketing strategy you have devised at the beginning is permanent. No. Once you start getting statistics, see where you are getting off-track. And find out the root cause. Check if there’s a scope of performance improvement by tweaking the marketing strategy. If yes, then make the changes to ensure success.

In the End…

By preventing e-commerce marketing mistakes, you can ensure that your e-commerce business operations go smoothly. That, in turn, will help you save your resources while having more business opportunities. You can enjoy a higher ROI.

Not Getting Desired Results from E-Commerce Marketing Efforts?

Then it’s high time to look for the solution. Get the things fixed before it gets too late. And taking help from an e-commerce marketing expert is the best idea. Do you need one?

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