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How HubSpot CMS will find its place in the WordPress Dominated CMS Market?

When it comes to the choicest CMS platform for website building, WordPress is the usual answer. From individual website owners and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, it’s powering over 40% of the entire web. That’s an eye-popping figure, making WordPress a commanding name for website building.

But will it continue to be the first choice of the users looking to create or re-create a website? Because now, you have CMS Hub, an innovative website building tool launched by HubSpot. Or will HubSpot CMS be able to find a space in WordPress dominated CMS market? Is it impressive enough to overtake WordPress? Well, that’s the most powerful, or say, the only way for HubSpot CMS to create a space for itself in the industry. Because other techniques like low pricing, discount offers, etc., fail to help in the long run. What matters more is functionality.

Okay, let’s get back to the questions in the above paragraph. For answering these, the need is to compare WordPress and HubSpot CMS. Let’s find out which of them is more impressive.


It’s an open-source CMS platform for creating simple to complex and appealing websites for all types of needs. From individuals and small businesses to enterprises, everyone can use WordPress for website building. Here, you have two options – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Know how WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different to find a suitable option among these two.


Pretty new in the arena, HubSpot’s CMS is coming up as a competitor of WordPress for website development. It’s a cloud-based platform letting you build an excellent website. Well, not just that. CMS Hub allows content creation, website optimisation and performance analysis from a single place. Its focus is top-notch customer experience.

HubSpot CMS V/S WordPress

To identify the superior player from the two great options, why not judge them for different aspects? Read till the last word to find the best CMS.



With WordPress, security should not be a point of concern. It has an adequate system to keep your site secure. For enhanced security, you can use plugins.


It also has a robust security system to ensure the complete safety of your website. With CMS Hub, you get a web application firewall (WAF), standard SSL certificate and round the clock monitoring for threat and security.



WordPress permits you to create a website for free. Though you get limited features with a free plan, you won’t have any issues if you want a simple website. And you always have an option to upgrade.


With HubSpot, you can’t start for free. To build a website using HubSpot, you need to select an appropriate plan. Here, you get three options – CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. And the starting price is $25/month, including a premium hosting facility, free tools and themes.



With WordPress, customising a website isn’t a painful task. You have ample options with an extensive library of third-party plugins & themes. Even you can custom-code a WordPress website to serve you in the desired manner.


Well, HubSpot also offers a customisation option. But CMS Hub, unlike WordPress that uses PHP, uses HubL – HubSpot’s own coding language. So, you have restrictions. 

Ease of Use

It’s something that everybody wants, including the site admins. And which of these CMS platforms offer this? Well, both. Really? Let’s discover.


It’s been always known as a straightforward website building option that you can even use as a DIY website creation tool. You can build a beautiful and fully functional website using themes and plugins; that hardly demands any coding knowledge or specialised skills. But you might need a developer for high-end requirements.


This CMS is also easy to use, offering several pre-built templates to create a nice-looking website. Plus, it has built-in marketing tools, allowing marketing automation, lead generation, analytics, and much more. These pre-built templates are great for individuals and small business owners. But they might be insufficient to meet the complex website development requirements of big businesses.



It provides excellent support in the form of forums and detailed documentation. Plus, you can seek a solution to any of your queries anytime from the vast WordPress community. That’s all for WordPress.org. And with WordPress.com, you can get live chat support except for the free plan.


Here, HubSpot is in the winning position. It has an excellent customer support team and offers 24*7 support via live chat and phone. You can get an immediate resolution to any of your queries.



Though WordPress offers rich functionality, it mostly depends on third-party tools and plugins for the same. And this might lead to compatibility issues because not all plugins, hosting providers, and themes are the same in terms of functionalities and technologies. And when it happens, it takes rigorous efforts and technical assistance to resolve the problem.


Well, CMS Hub, being a part of HubSpot, is all set to save you from such problems. As all their resources are in-house, developed by the company’s internal team, you won’t face any compatibility problems as the HubSpot team ensures hassle-free integration.

The game of comparison is over. We have done our part of the work. Now, it’s time for results.

And you will be the one declaring the result.

You have the winner! Right?

Comment below to let the audience know which of these two did you find appropriate.

And if you are unable to make your mind about them, talk to our experts. We can analyse your needs together and conclude about the fitting solution. As we are in the website development industry for over ten years and have worked with hundreds of clients globally, that too, from varied industries, we know the trends, techniques and ability to sense the outcome. Neel Networks assure you of the most dependable assistance. Not only we can help you identify the right option satiating your requirements, but our talented website designers and developers can also create a distinguished website for you.

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