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Here are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

Here are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

WordPress is the most popular website building platform. And what makes it even more advantageous is the availability of a plethora of plugins. With over 58000 plugins, you can extend your website’s functionality manifold while aligning it to your needs. You will get a range of options for every aspect of the website. And that’s the official figure. It means there can be many more! Imagine the scope! You can have a feature-packed and excellent-looking WordPress website using these extensions.

But are all 58k plugins equally good? Are all of them worth using? How would you know which plugins carry the highest value? Well, to help you with that question, we are presenting you with a list of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

WordPress Popular Plugins


Do you want to launch your online store without any trouble? Are you in search of a quick and reasonable but functional platform for e-commerce? Here you have it – WooCommerce. It’s an open-source platform that lets you establish an appealing online store that empowers your brand. The WooCommerce website is simple to create and manage. Plus, it offers ease of customisation. Also, this being a part of WordPress provides you SEO benefits. A combination of built-in tools and an effortless integration facility of many serviceable features like payment gateways, shipping options, etc., make it even more pleasant. Available in 66 languages, WooCommerce allows you to set up a multi-lingual store and serve the audience from different geographical areas in the best way. Its superb features make it a widely accepted plugin that has over 5 million active installations. Are you ready to join the community supported by hundreds of independent contributors?

Yoast SEO

It’s the ultimate companion of a large number of website owners. If it’s not a part of your WordPress plugin gallery…it’s time to get it. This quick-to-install and easily manageable plugin aim at simplifying the SEO for all WordPress website owners. And you know what, you won’t even have to pay for basic SEO, which is enough for many users. Well, what it can do for you. A straight answer to this question is that it supports you a lot with on-page SEO – creating SEO-friendly content that includes meta title and description, readability analysis, preview on Google, etc. Developed by experts, this plugin can tackle much of your SEO task without professional assistance. And if you want to get more out of it, you can go for the Yoast premium plugin.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

Now, optimising your website for a higher position in the SERP is not a complicated task. Integrate the All in One SEO plugin to identify the ranking opportunities and shorten the growth route. This tool helps you do WordPress SEO without appointing an expert for the same. It’s a wide-range SEO plugin, taking into consideration multiple aspects. With this, you can kick the pain out of SEO, be it’s about the On-Page SEO, local SEO, or WooCommerce SEO. The ALL in One SEO plugin is perfect for taking care of your ongoing search engine optimisation requirements. It lets you create SEO-optimised content. And the list of benefits is not yet over. So, what else? This plugin makes connecting with social media platforms and webmaster tools uncomplicated. 


You can generate more leads while offering more satisfaction to the users simply by putting up a contact form on your website. For assistance with this, you have a robust plugin – WPForms. Using this plugin, you can build a simplistic and meaningful contact form for your WordPress website. Yes, you can do it all on your own, and that too, in only a few minutes. Because this plugin offers a drag and drop facility. Intended to be beginner-friendly, this plugin has pre-built templates and workflows. Right from creating a form to placing the same on your website, they drive you through the entire process. You can even build multi-page forms with this. The contact form you get with the WPForms plugin is fully responsive and optimised for speed. Plus, it has spam protection. And contact form is not the only thing that you create using WPForms. This plugin also lets you create other forms like feedback/suggestion forms, payment forms, subscription forms, etc.

Contact Form 7

Here’s another in the list for hassle-free creation of contact forms for your WordPress website. It makes creating and integrating a contact form simple. And customisation is super easy with it. Moreover, it includes a captcha feature besides supporting other filters like spam protection, etc. So, you need not put in additional efforts. What else can we expect from this free plugin?


Along with ensuring the great functionality of your website, you are also responsible for keeping your website safe. Of several concerns, one is spammy comments. But Akismet helps you deal with that. No need to waste time checking and filtering spam comments. Let the Akismet plugin do this for you. Assisting people in keeping spammy comment away from the web since 2005, this plugin can not only filter out the comment spam automatically but can directly block the most critical spams. And you have the history to know the status. This way, you can safeguard the credibility of your website without spending time on clerical-like tasks. Well, what about the pricing? It’s free for personal blogs, but if you have a commercial website, it is chargeable. However, the charges are reasonable.


In the digital ecosystem, when all the activities are performed online, including operations and record-keeping, you have to have a data backup. It lets you recover the data in an unwanted situation like system crash, software failure, security issues, etc. And that goes well for your WordPress website, too, because it’s the online face of your business; tiny misconduct can put your entire website data at risk. Well, doing it manually can be a troublesome task. So, here’s a plugin. UpdraftPlus is a highly-rated plugin, offering effortless backup with an automatic scheduling option and quick restoration.

Wordfence Security

Another in the list of security plugins for WordPress website is Wordfence Security. It’s a comprehensive security solution, protecting thousands of WordPress websites across the world. Endowed with essential and advanced security features, this plugin allows you to have a relaxed experience. The robust Wordfence Security Scanner checks your entire website, including plugins and themes, to help you identify security threats like code injections, malware, suspicious links, spammy content and dangerous redirects, etc. Also, it checks for file discrepancy and fixes the same, if any found. Hence, with this, you can keep your website and its content threat-free. Besides, you get a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that recognises and blocks the website traffic from malicious sources and prevents security hazards. Wordfence Security plugin provides you with real-time insight on hack attempts with essential details like time of attempt and IP address. And with WordPress Central, you can manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Elementor Website Builder

Website designing made hassle-free! Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets you come up with highly functional, professional, and attractive web page designs with minimal effort and in lesser time. Elementor offers you a range of designing options. You can choose your preference from its library of 100+ templates for designing, customise them or go on designing the way you want using 300+ blocks. And to make your design more appealing, you have over 40 widgets to pick. Besides, with this, you work without worries as to how the design will look because here, you can work on a live page – see and feel as you go.


We believe website analytics is a key to growth. It tells you what’s working right and what’s not. Obviously, you can correct things only when you know about their performance. Here, the extension called MonsterInsights assists you. This easily installable plugin, by connecting your WordPress website to Google Analytics, makes performance analysis plain but efficacious. With this in place, the advanced GA features remain just a click away for you. And the most impressive thing, you get the data right in your WordPress dashboard; no distraction and shifting. MonsterInsights provides valuable insights to you in lesser time. All these make it a favourite of many companies, including Microsoft and FedEx.

Classic Editor

Editing is the most crucial area when it comes to content. It refines and polishes the content while giving a finishing touch to the same. But the means should be smooth. Isn’t it? Have you already got an idea of what we are trying to say! You must have if you aren’t a big fan of the new block editor of WordPress (Gutenberg).

To eliminate the trouble from the picture, you have the Classic Editor plugin brought up by the WordPress team. It offers all you need, including swift editing experience and consistency throughout (that’s cardinal).

That’s all from our side. 

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about the most popular plugins listed above from WordPress.org? Which of them have you used?

Let us know your thoughts through the comment. And if you feel we have missed any name, kindly tell us.

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