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Give Yourself More Time With These Effective Email Lead Generation Techniques

Joe Pulizzi (a marketing speaker and an award-winning author) said,
“Email is possibly the greatest owned media channel for brands.”

And we have already discussed the importance of email marketing earlier. It is one of the most preferred communication channels. Not only this, an email is a superb tool for lead generation. Pointless to say, lead generation is cardinal for the growth of the business, but it is the toughest too. For 61% of B2B marketers, one of the biggest challenges is generating high-quality leads. Also, it is surpassing medium for lead nurturing.

However, you can make the task painless by harnessing the power of emails. We have facts to back this belief. As per McKinsey, when it comes to new customer acquisition, email is 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter. Further, according to Circle Research, email is believed to be one of the most effective channels for lead generation by 42% of the

Although for getting success in email lead generation, you need to use the correct methodology. Otherwise, your email will be just an addition to the already crowded inbox of your target audience. So, how to generate leads through email?

Email Lead Generation Techniques

Curating a decent Email List

The basic but most mattering aspects of the email lead generation! An email list is a lot of email addresses that you will be using for email lead generation campaign. To derive the maximum value of the campaign, the first thing that you need to make sure is that is your email list has relevant participants. You need to identify the people to whom you are planning
to send emails are someway interested in or connected with your services/products. Sending emails randomly to anyone won’t help. For getting such email addresses, you can use techniques like sharing valuable content on social media, etc.

Email Segmentation

Next comes email segregation. Divide the email list into smaller groups based on different criteria. It could be demographics, geographic area, spending capacity, specific interest, etc. It is imperative for effective targeting and enables you to send the relevant message to the
people, thereby increasing the chance of a lead conversion.


Now, you can’t reach anywhere by sending generalised emails. If you want the reader to act, then it is significant that you send the email with a well-tailored message. By this, we mean that the recipient should be able to connect with the message in the email. In other words, the email should address the topic of the reader’s interest. For this, try knowing your target
audience and their needs better. It will help you in getting a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Click-Worthy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that the recipient notices. And if you fail to grab their attention here, probably they will not even open your email; forget about going through the same. Thus, it is must to ensure that the subject line of your email is simple yet catchy and impactful. By looking at the subject, the receiver must not be able to resist from opening it;
that should be your aim.

Send Triggered Emails

Make use of automation. Set relevant criteria for different groups of the email list, upon fulfilment of which, they will receive an email automatically. This technique, along with saving your time, will work for you while you are sleeping. No missed opportunity of catching the audience! How to do this? You have so many email marketing tools at your
service. These tools enable you to automate most of your email marketing tasks, thereby providing you more time for other business activities like strategy-making, etc.

Persuasive Call-to-Action

Most important! The CTA should be compelling enough to make the reader feel that, with you, they are going to get what they want. Then only they will click on the same. With powerful CTA, you can impress the target audience in a lesser time.

Clear & Precise Email Body

A higher CTR need not necessarily mean more prospects! Yes, getting a click is not enough; important is that the recipient read your message. For this, the email matter should be appealing and to-the-point. Because amid the busy schedule, people don’t have time to go through lengthy emails. Even if you manage to get a click, you might not get them down the funnel. If you want to derive benefits out of your email list, you need to drive them to action.

Create FOMO

FOMO; Fear of Missing Out’ is one of the greatest fears these days. You can use it for producing better results in a limited period. Let your message ignite the sense of urgency in the reader. They should be able to sense that by not taking a particular action immediately, they are going to lose something bigger.

Share Valuable Content

Undeniably, an excellent way to get more prospects is sharing valuable content that answers the questions of your target audience and solves their queries. Though your aim of sharing the content is lead generation, it should not be the sole agenda. In other words, the recipient should not be able to sense that. Thus, create content with the intent of delivering value, and you will get the desired results. In short, the readers should know that you are there for their good.

Let Your Existing Customers Help You

A win-win situation for both the parties! If you want to flourish in less time, utilise the power of your customer base. Let them promote and refer you in their network. And if their efforts get results, offer them benefits. It could be anything, including reward points, discount coupon, free membership, priority service, etc.

To Conclude

Email is a highly used medium for lead generation. The only need to make the most sense out of it is to ensure that you use the appropriate lead generation techniques.

And if you need any support in email marketing or lead generation, write to us. We will assist you in the best way possible.

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