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Generate & Nurture Quality Leads With These B2B Lead Generation Tools

Without leads, no business can grow. It is true. That makes lead generation a core activity for the businesses. We have discussed the importance of lead generation and how to go about it. But lead generation is not a cakewalk. It calls for substantial efforts. And companies, to get more & more leads, do many things, thereby spending an enormous amount. A big chunk of their budget is allocated to lead generation.

The intent, of course, is to generate a higher ROI.  But an important question here is that are they getting the desired results from that? Yes, no, maybe!

Here, the noteworthy point is that it doesn’t mean you can generate a hefty sum of money if you can generate a higher number of leads. A high number of leads don’t guarantee your growth. Absolutely not.  As highlighted by The Hubert Group, shortage of quality data is the largest barrier in lead generation states 42% of B2B marketing professionals. 

So, the significant part of lead generation activity is to ensure the quality of leads. And automation helps you do that. Yeah, we are talking about using tools to generate and nurture leads that convert. Because conversion is what matters.

Gartner research says that companies automating lead management see a rise of 10% or more in revenue in a span of six to nine months. Sounds relaxing! To make your lead generation rewarding, we are up with the tools required for lead generation and nurturing. It is time to explore them.

Hello Bar

Whether you want to increase the size of your mailing list or more conversions, use Hello Bar. Available in both free and paid versions, this tool lets you grab the attention of your audience through a tailored CTA or message. And persuade them to take the desired action like signing up for the newsletter, etc.


“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.” – Linda Limba

And Landbot is the starting point. With the help of this tool, you can build an effective and personalized chatbot for automating conversations. The best part here is that you don’t need codes for the same. Just choose the appropriate Landbot template from the directory. From basic and advanced lead generation, email signup form and event registration to lead qualification, it has numerous templates to suit varied needs. Moreover, along with websites, this easy to integrate tool has chatbot options for messenger and WhatsApp also. You can rely on Landbot for smart chatbots for a diverse and complex informational conversation. And you can take the charge of conversation whenever you feel. Last but not least, Landbot has an excellent community and human support system for clients.


Needless to say, persuasive landing pages play a significant role in lead generation and conversion. But creating one is not easy! Well, Unbounce can solve your problem. Now, you don’t need a coder or web developer for creating landing pages anymore because you have Unbounce for your assistance. Launched in 2009, Unbounce is a platform that facilitates you to build and publish attractive and functional landing pages, which are destined to increase leads and conversions. Helping over 15000 companies with landing page creation, the platform has reasonable packages with 14-days free trial. And whichever plan you choose, you are going to get unlimited landing pages. Plus, they have superb customer support for smooth onboarding and operations. So, start creating beautiful landing pages with simple drag and drop to boost your ROI.


Getting an email address is a crucial but difficult part of lead generation. However, that is not the case when you have Hunter in your digital marketing tools. Brought up in 2015, the company is enabling professionals in growing connections and building a network. How? By allowing you to find & verify email addresses of a company or professionals. With their domain finder, you can get a list of emails available publicly in seconds, along with the confidence score and department filters. With email finder, you can get the email of a particular person from a specified company. And email verifier allows you to check deliverability. Sounds interesting! Explore now.


It is an email collector tool by Wistia. Use it with videos to generate leads. Yes, you heard it right. It collects the name and email of the person while they watch your video.


Surveys and quizzes form part of the great lead generation techniques. Because it offers you the opportunity to obtain more information, that, in turn, can help you nurture leads in a better way and convert the same. But for this to happen, the survey/quiz must be designed mindfully. Right from the design to questions included, everything demands a planned approach. By looking at the survey/quiz, the potential respondent should feel like completing the same authentically. And it is a taxing task.

But LeadQuizzes can simplify the work for you. It offers you over 75 templates, using which you can create a powerful survey/quiz in minutes. And there is no restriction on the type of survey/quiz/form you build; it could be true/false, personality, Q&A, etc. Plus, the tools offer design flexibility, meaning you can decide the font, colour and background of the survey/quiz. Well, that’s not the end of the features of this superb tool. With this tool, you can also promote the survey/quiz and can analyse the outcome. And this tool is apt for every business, irrespective of the type and size. It can help you generate 500% more leads. The pricing starts at $49/month.

Wrap Up

The presence of quality is crucial for lead generation efforts to be worthwhile. A less number of high-quality leads is many times beneficial than a high number of leads lacking quality. And you can achieve your goal with automation. Now, reports have started coming stating automation in lead management can be game-changing, leading to positive results. So, why not give it a try?

But before leaving, let us know your opinion about the same.

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