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Future of Online Courses & Benefits of having Your Own eLearning Portal

Online courses have played a significant role since initiation. This system has contributed much to the development of the education industry. And with the arrival of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that forced people to stay indoors, the eLearning system has become the need of the hour. With the schools, colleges, and coaching centres shut for an indefinite period, students had to enrol in online courses to continue learning. Even the educational institutions didn’t have any choice but to shift to digital platforms for teaching. This situation drove the demand for online courses further. Now, many people have become habitual to this. Well, no doubt, it’s a superb option to acquire top-notch skills and stay updated for all sorts of people. Online courses offer much-needed flexibility not only to the learner but to the teacher also. eLearning is playing a notable role in making quality education accessible by eliminating geographical restrictions. Plus, the contemporary teaching style makes it more pleasant.

And talking about the future of online courses, it seems to be bright. But that statement won’t make sense until we see the statistics favouring the eLearning business. Well, the eLearning market has grown 900% since the year 2000 and is among the rapidly-growing industries (source – SHIFT). Not only educational institutions but many companies are turning to online learning. The worldwide online learning data tells that 28% of the companies are relying on the digital platform for compliance training (source – Guru99). And why they should not. Compared to traditional learning, online learning is 40 to 60 per cent less time-consuming, while the retention rate is higher, suggests the data presented by Guru99.

Are the figures convincing about the promising future of Online Courses?

Unquestionably, they are.

When online learning is the trend to stay, and you know the eLearning industry has a lot to offer, why not get an eLearning portal of your own?

“Why do I need an eLearning portal of own? I can work in collaboration or use third party online teaching and training platforms.”

Is this what you are thinking? Here is the answer.

Benefits of Having Your Own eLearning Portal

Total Control + Better Functionality

When you choose to have your own eLearning portal, you don’t have to rely on any third party for delivering online sessions. And no dependence comes with several other benefits. You can have complete control over the system right from design and appearance to functionality.

Here, it’s up to you to decide the type of content you want to include, like videos, blogs, test materials, audios, gamification, etc., arrangement and distribution.

Also, you can choose the payment methods and gateways, keeping in mind the preference of your audience. It’s not possible in the case of third-party portals; you have to manage with the options they offer no matter what your audience prefers.

Moreover, when you have your own portal, support is never a problem. Whenever you need any help in any matter or need support to eliminate the issues hindering the performance, you can instantly get it done by contacting the developer, which won’t happen when you use the portal of a third-party service provider. In that case, you will have no option but to connect with their support services and wait till they act.

Talking about functionality, the entire what and how of the portal will be designed as per your requirements to deliver the performance that you desire. How the dashboard will look, the features of the portal, the speed, and the list continue. Every aspect will be developed with minute detailing, considering the needs and comfort of your target audience. You can look for advanced features, too, like social media integration, smooth communication, instant messaging, etc. Furthermore, security won’t be a problem. In short, with your eLearning portal, you can offer superior services to your customers.

Saves Cost

Sounds absurd? How having your own portal can save cost. When you will own the portal, that will serve you as an asset. You will not have to pay commission or service charges (one-time or recurrent) as it’s the case of using a third-party platform or portal for online teaching or running online courses.

Painless Modification

When you work with other platforms or portals, you don’t have any choice of modifying the system to suit the requirements. Your audience and you have to adjust with the offered setup irrespective of what you feel, whether your audience can use that properly or not. That’s enough to destroy the customer experience. But modification is not a problem when you have your own portal. Depending upon your analysis, customer’s feedback, and feasibility, the developer can make the necessary changes.

Makes Audience Happy

When you choose to go for portal development, you can ensure that you offer ease to your audience. Before starting the work, conduct a brief survey or perform an analysis of your target audience. See what they prefer about eLearning portals, how they want it to be, etc., accordingly you can offer customized features. That shows you care about them; you can earn their trust and loyalty.

Easy Scalability

And here comes one of the biggest benefits of owning an eLearning portal. You can scale the business without any restrictions. No need to see and compare different packages, no migration clause, no need to rework the deal because a different set of rules will be applicable; absolutely nothing.

And that’s not all. If you wish, you can broaden the scope and Whitelabel your portal.

Closing Note

Whether you are an educational institution, a company engaged in personnel training, a corporate house or business owner that believes in regular training of employees, or individual teaching professional planning to expand your horizon, having an eLearning portal of your own can take you to the next level and make your journey rewarding.

So, are you ready to take a beautiful path to fulfil the demands of your business or profession?

Then go for the development of an eLearning portal of your own.

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