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Facebook Ads for Business: Best Ways to Unearth the Real Value of it

With 4.2 billion global social media users (Jan 2021 – Datareportal), SMM has emerged as a powerful tool and attained success as a growth driver for businesses. The report suggests, the number rose by 13% from last year since the global outbreak of COVID-19. So, you have a higher chance to take your business to new heights using social media.

Well, which platform should you use? Facebook is the most popular and widely-used channel globally. It has around 2.8 billion active users (Statista), irrespective of gender and age. Can’t it be a great medium to capture your target audience?

Of course, it is. You, like many other businesses, can use it for your success. Though there are numerous ways through which Facebook lets you flourish, in this blog, we will be focusing on Facebook Ads for business.

And what is Facebook Ad?

Oh c’mon, you know that! A hot digital advertising tool that demands money and efforts from you but is destined to take you nearer to your business objective by allowing precise targeting and offering massive reach. But for this, you need to do it tactfully. How? Let’s see.

Facebook Ads – How to Reap Maximum Benefits?

Goal Setting – The First Step

Like other activities, success in Facebook Ads requires you to begin with setting a goal – an achievable goal. Performing this step as a formality can waste all your efforts. So, be serious. Decide the purpose of running the ad. It can be – increasing brand awareness, enhancing reach, promoting products/services, lead generation, increasing traffic, etc. Plan the ad accordingly.

Know Your Audience

Going wrong here means choosing to fail miserably. Because not knowing your audience leads to ineffective targeting. Of course, what can you achieve by targeting and capturing the wrong audience? They won’t help you achieve your goals except broadening your reach and marking your presence. But that’s not your ultimate goal! When your product or service is inapt for them, they won’t spend on it. So, you hardly have any sales. What’s the sense of such a reach or awareness when that won’t serve you in the long run? Thus, make sure you appear in front of the right audience. Try to be accurate with your audience selection – geographical area, age, gender, etc.

Recognize the Trend

Running a Facebook ad is simple but getting the desired outcome isn’t. Numerous things are affecting the result. So, before moving ahead, check what’s working.

The Type

Facebook ads can be of different types. Example – images, video, slideshow, etc. While finalizing which one to use, don’t forget to see the interest of people. For this, you can check the available reports and industry trends. Also, you can try experimenting at the initial stages. Your analytics will indicate what’s working.


Next is where you want to run your ad. ‘Of course, where I get maximum visitors’. Fine. But also consider the content and target audience while deciding on the ad placement. Not all places work excellently for every kind of ad.

Include Video

Video content has emerged to be more engaging. You can use it to hold and persuade the audience.

Be Brief & Uncomplicated

Don’t forget the objective while creating ad content. Storytelling works, but the story shouldn’t be very long. Align the content with context to prevent users from leaving.

Ignite Interest

With people having an attention span of just a few seconds, it can be challenging for you to captivate your audience. Thus, you can’t overlook the curiosity factor.

CTA – A Crucial Part

If you want your audience to act, lead their way. Tell them what they are supposed to do and inspire them to take a particular action. And for this, you need to enable them to sense the benefit they will get by acting.

Ad Budget

Spending your resources the right way is necessary for generating a great ROI. So, don’t allocate your budget recklessly. Prepare a foolproof strategy and assess it for soundness. Decide how you want to go as you can do budgeting in different ways, whether you want to go ahead with a campaign budget or want to allocate budget as per ad sets. Further, you have options like daily budgeting or lifetime budgeting. Here, taking the assistance of an experienced digital marketer can work wonderfully.

All in One – Definitely a Bad Idea

Making an ad with multiple objectives is a terrible act. It increases the probability of failing to meet even one of those successfully. Because first of all, this will mess with targeting. And second, the message delivery can become inappropriate.


It’s unavoidable, irrespective of the aim and type of the content. Without value, nothing works. And in today’s environment, when there is tight competition, a slight decrease in the value of the content can make you replaceable. Here, pay attention to visuals as well. Make sure it complements the text.

Test – A Must!

Never go live without testing. It helps you know the areas that can hurt your ad performance. You can correct the same before publishing the ad.

Relevancy Score & Frequency Score

These two are crucial metrics, giving you an idea about the performance of your ad. Relevancy score – tells you whether your ad is in line with the search of your target audience; allows you to ensure top quality and engagement. The higher the score, the better it is. Frequency score – the average number of times that your ad appears in front of your target audience. A very high frequency negatively affects the performance.

Brand Building

Align your Facebook ad to your brand voice – the essence. It works two ways – your ad strengthening your brand presence. And your brand value supporting you attract more audience.

“Facebook is a discovery model platform. Its primary goal is to make the audience happy. So you’ll only get ROI if you create quality content for your audience.”

Kelly Hendrickson (Facebook Lead at HubSpot)

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