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Essential Elements For Ecommerce Website

elements of ecommerce website

In the digital world, it is obligatory to be present online. E-Commerce is the need of the hour. If you want to survive in the industry, you must go online to sell your products and services. Otherwise, you would cease to exist. So, having an E-Commerce website is the bare minimum. This is clear from the below statement of Bill Gates:

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

As a result of this, the graph of eCommerce website development is going up. Now comes an important point. Just having an E-commerce website won’t serve the purpose. To be successful, the website must be good-looking. It should be designed effectively.

Shopping through online channels is becoming the preferred choice of people these days. It facilitates them the access to a range of products & services without much efforts and time. However, this calls for a website that provides rich UX. What does it take to get such a website? Let us go through the components that are indispensable for an efficacious E-commerce website.

Striking Elements


At the time of eCommerce website development, the business owner must keep in mind the range of products/services they are going to offer through the online channel. Generally, various items fall under one category but differ in size, color, price range, and other such features. A person does not have enough time to keep looking at all the products. To facilitate convenient shopping, filter option must be there on the website. A person can apply the necessary filter(s) to eliminate the products from search results, which doesn’t fit into criterion.


It is yet another element which must be a part of the eCommerce website.  It is quite possible that users go through the products, intends to purchase the liked ones but do not want to purchase that straight away. In this case, there must be an option to save the items of choice for future purchase as it is not always possible to remember the item they liked in the previous visit. Moreover, this can help you too as you would get an idea of users’ preferences, using which you can customize the product basket. Additionally, you can send reminders to the customers for the items saved in the wishlist to make them feel they are important.

Rating & Reviews

In the case of online shopping, customers don’t have the option to verify the product before ordering. It is more like a relationship of trust. Here, ratings & reviews play an influential role.  People undertaking the task of eCommerce website development India must ensure to keep this feature on the website. And the seller must encourage the buyers to rate the product they purchased and submit the review of the same. This helps potential buyers to make a purchase decision, without hesitation.

Easy To Navigate

The website should be designed in a way that permits easy search. Many eCommerce websites have multiple pages. For customers, it might be a headache to browse through different pages and find out the needed item. Instead, the customer should be facilitated with search options to find exactly what he wants. The items should be tagged under the proper category with the appropriate label.

Product Description

While eCommerce website development, you must give special attention to product description. The description of the product should provide complete information about the product, including size, compatibility, color, benefits, etc. It is important because the customer must have all the information to make informed purchase and must be satisfied with the decision of ordering the product from your website.

Payment & Checkout

Keep this step as simple as possible. The buyers should be able to add the product to the shopping cart easily. And, at the time of payment, they must be able to see what they are ordering to prevent confusion. In addition to this, facilitate the buyer with all the major payment options.

Overall, keep the process fast and effortless. Try to finish it off in a page or two to avoid bummer. And more importantly, ensure smooth processing. The issues like server error, delayed response time, etc., must not arise as these can take away your customer.

Product Images

Unlike in brick & mortar store shopping, the customers cannot touch the item to check its quality. But, a clear product image that enables the customers to identify the product quality and gives the feel as if it is in front of them helps you in offering enhanced user experience (UX). The image should be original and not just the pictorial representation of the item.


Gone are the days when people used to sit in front of the desktop to select and order the items online. Now, the majority of things over the internet are done using a mobile. So, the eCommerce website development India must be done keeping in view the usability. The sites so created for online shopping must be mobile-friendly or you end up losing customers.


The buyer should have access to real-time information about the movement of the product. This keeps him calm during the journey of a product from the seller to the buyer.

Summing Up

“The E-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore”. – Cushla Sherlock

With the increasing trend of online shopping, having a full-fledged E-commerce website is the key to profitability. A study suggests that a one-second delay in loading of the page can cost 7% to you in terms of eCommerce conversion. Therefore, taking the support of a professional is better. In this, the companies engaged in eCommerce website development India can help you.

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