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Earning Through Mobile Apps: How These Brands Made an Empire Out of Apps

The use of the internet is rising continuously. However, the way people access the internet is changing. Yes, with the rising number of mobile phone users, the number of people using the internet on the mobile phone is growing. And why not; it offers ease of usage. Well, not just that, the trend of mobile apps is gaining momentum.

In 2020, the daily average time that a US adult spent using mobile internet was 4.01 hours. Out of this, 3.35 hours were spent on apps. The mobile app usage time comes roughly to 83.5%. And this, along with mobile internet usage time, is expected to increase in 2021 (source – eMarketer, April 2020). Moreover, mobile apps are getting special favour from the younger generation. As mentioned on FULLeSTOP, 21% of millennials open mobile apps over 50 times a day. And we have gen Z to take this trend ahead.

“Gen Z has never known a world without their smartphone. They see the world through this mobile first lens.”

– Ted Krantz (CEO – App Annie)

App Annie’s report suggests that Gen Z users spent an average of 4.1 hours/month on apps in the third quarter of 2020. And you know what, this number is excluding games (MarTech Series).

The above facts highlight the value of the mobile app. Now you must be knowing what a mobile app can bring to you or your business!

You still don’t trust the power of mobile apps? No worries.

We are sure you will, by the end of this piece. Because we are going to bring true stories to you. Yeah, many businesses are at the winning edge just because of their mobile apps. It is time to take inspiration from those. So, let’s see some of them.

Brands Made an Empire Out of Apps


The journey of Bumble began in 2014 when Whitney Wolfe (Founder and CEO) discerned a problem.

And what was that?

She noticed that in the advanced era, when lots of talks happen about women empowerment and gender equality and not just that, women are proving their abilities in every field, there is an area where, mostly, women wait for males to initiate.

Can you guess the area? Dating and Romance it is. Here, right from initiating a conversation to asking for the contact number or a romantic date, a lady waits for a man to take the first step.

But not anymore. Because Whitney Wolfe, with the intent to change the situation and enable women to initiate, launched a dating app – Bumble. However, it is not just a dating app now. Yeah, Bumble is a flourished community. It is a platform for classic networking. You can use it for dating, friendship or for making professional relationships, irrespective of gender. And this innovative concept, promoting confidence, safety, respect and kindness, is phenomenal, helping the company grow while offering people a place to make healthy and productive relations; no hatred, no ill-activities like harassment, etc. Bumble is now a community of 100 million+ people spread across six continents.


You must have heard of TikTok! Came into existence in 2017, it is a user-friendly, interactive app that boosts engagement. And yeah, it is no less than an addiction for the youth. Owned by ByteDance (a Chinese company) and connected with Musical.ly, TikTok is a globally renowned app.

Tiktok enables its users to create and share short videos of up to 15 seconds with background music. Also, users can add their sound to the same. And it offers numerous editing options like filter and speed adjustment, allowing users to make the videos more creative. Well, that’s not the end of its features. There are many more. TikTok, to provide personalized suggestions, uses AI. The users can share the videos with fellow TikTokers or on other platforms.

This entertaining app gained popular pretty quickly and became famous in many parts of the world. As per the report by Sensor Tower, TikTok has 2.6 billion+ downloads as of December 2020 (Source – Wallaroo). Well, what about earnings? There are multiple sources of revenue for TikTok, including in-app purchase and ads. And as per reports, its revenue is increasing with time.

Ikea Place

Here we have another well-recognized company – Ikea. The company offers designer but functional, sustainable and high-quality furnishing items, including lighting, furniture, kitchen appliances, at affordable prices, online and offline.

But buying beautiful, appropriate and matching things is not easy. There are so many areas to look at, like interior and space. How would a buyer know whether a particular item would suit the real-life setting or not?

Well, the Ikea Place app addresses such issues, affecting buying decisions, thereby making shopping furnishing items swift.


This powerful non-gaming app is changing the way people shop – online and offline. Powered by augmented reality (AR), this app let potential buyers see how a particular item would look in their room. Through this, a person can virtually place true to scale 3d models at the desired place to check suitability in multiple terms like size, colour, etc. And people, for finding the best, can try various products, colours and styles with just a touch. This virtual setup makes purchasing painless. Already millions of people are using it. With this transformative app, Ikea benefited a lot.

We have mentioned just a few. However, many more are there like those. These brands have already harnessed the opportunity. Now it is your turn. You know the benefits of Mobile App. All you need is to start using it to increase profitability.

Boost your business with an innovative mobile app. Allow your target audience to support your business by offering them a wonderful experience. But before starting, don’t forget to set a motto. It can be entertainment, addressing a problem, etc. That serves as a foundation of successful app development.

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