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Online Reputation Management Made Easy: 5 Tools to Make It a Reality

It won’t be wrong to call the internet an overpopulated place. Survival and growth in such a competitive atmosphere are no less than a challenge. On top of that, you need to take care of your online reputation. You can’t let people talk senseless and bogus things about you on the internet. Because online reputation, […]

Generate & Nurture Quality Leads With These B2B Lead Generation Tools

Without leads, no business can grow. It is true. That makes lead generation a core activity for the businesses. We have discussed the importance of lead generation and how to go about it. But lead generation is not a cakewalk. It calls for substantial efforts. And companies, to get more & more leads, do many […]

WordPress Analytics Plugins to Make Some Sense of All the Website Traffic

Analytics is the key to data and data helps you generate meaningful Insights, using which you can improve the performance of the business and can take applaudable business calls. Peter Drucker said,“What gets measured gets managed”. This small statement is sufficient to describe the need for using WordPress analytics plugins. Measuring WordPress Website Performance To […]

Give Yourself More Time With These Effective Email Lead Generation Techniques

Joe Pulizzi (a marketing speaker and an award-winning author) said,“Email is possibly the greatest owned media channel for brands.” And we have already discussed the importance of email marketing earlier. It is one of the most preferred communication channels. Not only this, an email is a superb tool for lead generation. Pointless to say, lead […]

6 Apps for Busy Individuals That Makes Social Media Management Effective and Effortless

Krystal Wu (Social Media Community Manager – Hubspot) said, “Social media marketing is about creating content that brings your audience together as a community and inspiring authentic conversations while increasing your brand’s awareness”. The above statement aptly highlights the importance of social media for businesses or professionals. If you want to thrive in an extremely […]

What is Content Marketing? What makes it a Highly Investible Asset in the Digital Ecosystem?

Content Marketing is a technique, focusing on the strategic creation and distribution of the content with intent to deliver value to the readers, for whom it is prepared. Okay! But what is content? Literally, everything you see on the internet is content. Yeah, content can be anything, text, picture, video, and audio. Moreover, the content […]

8 Worst Instagram Strategies That People Use Most

Instagram has always remained a shining star in the cosmos of social media platforms since launch. And now it’s an eminent social media platform for personal branding or business growth. After all, it has a huge fan following with over 1 billion active users globally. As per Statista, the number of active Instagram users crossed […]

Why Videos are the Future of Content Marketing?

Video Marketing is nothing but the use of videos for promoting the brand or marketing the products or services of the business. It can be of any sort, including a webinar, product demonstration video, interview, and a promotion video. Being effective and a powerful way of information dissemination, video marketing has managed to become a […]

Online Reputation Management – An Overlooked Kid of The Digital Marketing Family

You can’t continue running the business, keep selling products and services, without taking into account what the recipients have to say about that. Because the feelings or opinion of your customers can help you level up your business or can kick you out of the industry. Sounds shocking, right? But it is correct as word […]

6 Lead Generation Tactics That Never Fail – Not Even In the Worst-Case Scenarios

Zig Zagler (an American Author) said,“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.” Of course, how you can run a business without getting any business? So, lead generation is an important phenomenon and a continuous process for any business, if it wants to remain in the market. Okay, a lot of technicalities! […]

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