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Boost Your Ranking in SERP using Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

You all know the cruciality of appearing on the first page of search engine results! According to the data mentioned on Backlinko, the average click-through rate (CTR) of the topmost search result in the organic search results of Google is 31.7%. Moreover, the report shows that the CTR of the top page is 10x of the result appearing on number 10 in the search engine result page.

But the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like an ocean; you can’t sail smoothly without using the right tools. There’s a lot to do for getting excellent results, that too, continuously. Thus, it is significant to make appropriate use of the tools.

Carlos Slim (A renowned Mexican Business Personality) said,

“All times are good time for those who know how to work and have the tools to do so.”

Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Google Family

Google offers some of the most powerful and highly effective tools to make SEO painless. Along with being free, they possess the must-have quality too; reliability. Let’s explore them.

Google Analytics

It is an analytical tool that allows you to gain insight into your website data. Right from the number of visitors to their reading preferences, you get to know much. Besides, you can know the device being used to visit your website, user location, and time spent on a particular page, the bounce rate, the page from where the user jumped out, and much more. So, through
this, you get to know your audience better. With the help of these detailed reports, you can create the website content that can match the user’s expectations and can improve your ranking. Plus, you can measure your success in line with your objectives.

Google Keyword Planner

Use of suitable keywords is an important SEO factor. And you can find the right ones with the help of this free keyword planner. Here, you get a list of keywords for a search phrase along with the average monthly searches, competition level and bidding range. Further, you can check out the forecast too. And yes, it can provide you keyword from URL as well, so
you can see what your competitors are using. Upon exploring, you will realize it can assist you enormously.

Google Search Console

It is a great tool to monitor your site’s status – maintain the performance and enhance its visibility in the SERP. This tool enables you to find whether your content (website/page) is indexed by Google or not, and if not, you can manually submit. Also, it informs you about the errors, traffic data like which query bought the use to your web page and other such things.

Google Trends

A free resource by Google to help you discover what’s trending in the search! It lets you know the popularity of a particular topic and subtopics across countries in the world over some time. Well, you have the option to narrow down your search like you can see the popularity of a query across the globe or in the United States, etc., and can adjust the duration as well like the demand of a search phrase over 30 days, 12 months, 5 years, etc. And you can do this for different categories, including news, images and YouTube. The graphical presentation of periodic data makes things easily understandable. It not only helps you know the keywords with search volume for a particular search term but also presents you with related topics. Additionally, you can compare two search terms for trend analysis, etc. By using all this information in your strategy, you are set to have a better position in the SERP.

Google Autocomplete

With this, you get the predictions of the search; and the same keep adjusting as you continue typing your query in the search box. These predictions are derived using data of lakhs of searches that take place on Google; you get to see predictions based on most popular searches. It can help you find the keywords for free. How? Just type a search term related to
concerned topic and check out the predictions to know what’s popular.

Page Speed Insights

Speed of a web page is one of the major factors affecting its ranking in the SERP. So, knowledge about page performance is the basis of SEO. And you have Page Speed Insights (PSI) for support. Page Speed Insights (PSI) judge the page performance on different grounds and help you find the flaws; you get to know the reasons behind slow page speed. Moreover, it also suggests improvements. This tool is appropriate for both – mobile and desktop.

SEO Minion

It is an extensive SEO tool that is available for you as the browser extension and lets you perform multiple tasks. Whether you want to perform on-page SEO analysis, check for broken links, want to look for redirects or want to check your website ranking across locations, this tool makes everything possible.

Answer The Public

To get closer to the audience and rank higher in the SERP, the need is to serve the audience with content they want to see. And what they want to see? Answer the Public tool will assist you in knowing that. Enter the keyword or search phrase, and the tool will present numerous questions revolving around the same.

Small SEO Tools (smallseotools.com)

An A-Z keyword tool, allowing you to perform comprehensive keyword research and analysis on different areas, including keyword position, competition, difficulty, keyword density checking, and long-tail keyword ideas.

In The End

When you are just starting and don’t have a big budget for SEO, the above-listed best free SEO tools act as a saviour. You can use these tools alone or in combination, as per your needs, to start enjoying a better position in the search engine result page (SERP). You might have to devote a little more time with these free SEO tools when compared to advanced & paid SEO tools, but we guess that’s worth the time as they are totally free. And with time, you can prepare to upgrade to premium tools.

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