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Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Smooth Payment Experience

WooCommerce is an open-source solution that aims at facilitating you with an online shop. WooCommerce lets you have an e-commerce store, using the most popular and globally acknowledged CMS WordPress. With support team spread across the world and superb customization opportunities, WooCommerce allows you to own your dream business while remaining at ease. Moreover, WooCommerce Payments powered by Stripe, being an official and fully-secure plugin, is all set to offer an excellent transactional experience to your buyers. And if you don’t want to use its default payment system, then also there is no problem. Because you have the option to choose your preferred payment gateway from a wide range of
WooCommerce payment extensions.

Okay, but here arises a problem! There are numerous payment extensions. How to decide which is the fitting WooCommerce payment gateway?

Well, you need not worry. Neel Networks brings to you some of the best WooCommerce payment gateways, which you can use to serve your clients with simplified payment solutions.

Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways

Amazon Pay

Leverage the benefits of the credibility attached to the name ‘Amazon’. Amazon Pay has become a renowned name when it comes to making digital payment. By using Amazon Pay WooCommerce Extension, which is free and easy to install, you can make the checkout process more relaxed for your customers. Neither they will have to leave your website nor will they have to create a new account for the checkout. All the activities take place within
the secure framework guarded by Amazon’s fraud protection and detection technology. All they have to do is to use their Amazon account for signing-in and process as usual. Moreover, the exchange rate won’t be a problem for your customers, as this extension offers multi-currency functionality. Also, they have an effective recovery mechanism to handle declined transactions too.

Besides, you also need not work hard for reaping the benefits of this wonderful plugin as you can easily on-board by registering your existing or new account from the admin panel of WooCommerce. Amazon Pay is available for over 15 countries, and in some of the countries, it even supports recurring payments.

PayPal Payments Pro

Want to receive payments directly on your website? Here’s a great plugin for the same, permitting you to accept payment from credit cards via PayPal. With this in place, your customers can check out without leaving your site or switching tabs for payment. All he or she needs to do is to provide the credit card details while checking out; the remaining things
will be taken care of by PayPal. Noteworthy information here is that the PayPal Payments Pro extension is compatible with both PayPal Pro and the PayPal Pro PayFlow edition.


Speed up your payment system with the Stripe WooCommerce plugin. Easy to integrate stripe is a feature-packed and highly functional extension, available to businesses in over 40 countries; facilitating transactions in more than 135 currencies. It supports SCA (Strong Customer Authentication); a requirement for transacting in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Stripe, powering payment system for businesses ranging from small to Fortune 500, let your customers make payments directly on your store, preventing redirections and switching screens for payment. This, in turn, helps in improving the conversion rate of your store, by offering ease to the customers. With stripe integration, it becomes possible for you to accept
payment from all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, it supports other payment modes as well, including Google pay, Apple pay, SEPA direct debit, Alipay and iDeal. Further, capturing authorisations is simple. And refunds can be processed directly from your WooCommerce dashboard. Talking about security, stripe radar and 3D secure technology make fraud detection and prevention painless and quick. So, there’s nothing left! Get the stripe extension now without worrying about monthly fees, setup cost, and hidden charges; there are none.


Available for free download, Braintree is a WooCommerce extension for payment processing and supports pre-orders and subscriptions as well. It is equipped to process payment via all major debit/credit cards and PayPal. Moreover, it supports Apple pay and tokenization too. It adheres to PCI compliance SAQ – A standards and is a fully secure and trustworthy payment gateway. Further, the advanced fraud tools of Braintree make fraud detection and prevention easier. You can rely on this for making check out hassle-free for your customers; they can save their payment details (cards, etc.) or link PayPal account to their profile on your website
without any worries of fraud. The easy checkout process can boost sales. And processing refunds is easier with this as you can do this from WooCommerce dashboard.


Here you have one of the most advanced and popular WooCommerce payment gateways! And its fame is backed by multiple reasons. By integrating this to your WooCommerce store, you can enable your customers to save their precious credit card and bank account details for
their WooCommerce account of your business for effortless and instant checkout.

Further, it extends complete support for WooCommerce subscriptions, pre-order and Accept.js (JavaScript that sends Server payment data to Authorize.Net). Authorize.Net is not only a safe and reliable but affordable option, enabling credit card and e-check payment processing. The best part of it is that the customer won’t have to leave your website for checkout, so no disturbance. It accepts all major credit/debit cards and allows you to cater to International orders from across the world. Plus, with this, the refund can be processed directly from WooCommerce; there is no need to login into the merchant account. With this, transaction processing becomes convenient and starting with this is super easy.

WooCommerce Payment Solution simplified! Pick the one that sounds the most competent to you and seems favourable for your clientele or target audience to make your e-commerce journey more rewarding.

Before leaving, please tell us your choice in the comments. And if you are looking for something specific in WooCommerce payment solutions, talk to us. We can find the best WooCommerce payment gateway together.

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