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A List of Web Design Trends That are Going Away

Nothing is perpetual in this world except change! It is bona fide with the entire elements of the world. And the web system is not unaffected. Web design trends have already evolved with the passing year.

SO! What’s The Point?

We, being a web design company in India, know how fast the pace of change in web designs trends is. Also, we are au courant with the level of damage an outdated web design can cause you. Okay, have you ever judged the appearance of the website you are using, unintentionally? You might have had thoughts about its looks, color, fonts, background, and many more features, unconsciously! Here, we want to bring it to light that it is not necessary for a person to be a web developer or designer for identifying whether the web design is trendy or not. Instead, any person who surfs the web continuously and looks at various websites (like we all) can easily allege that web design is outdated.

Thus, it becomes necessary to change the web design with the trends. As a web design company, while designing the website, we take into account the upcoming trends. But, many individuals & businesses are building their website using DIY website builder tools. This category must pay special attention to the changing trends. Otherwise, all the efforts of making a website could go into vain.

According to infographics by Designadvisor, “75% of users make a judgment about a company’s credibility based on the website’s design.”

So, what are those web design trends that are becoming outdated? Let’s find out.

Stock Photos

You might be getting what we want to convey if have used or gone through the royalty-free photos. Undeniably, the use of images makes content more impressive and interactive, but the image should be original, and if not, at least fresh. If the image you are using is available on another website, it won’t serve the purpose. Also, using an image that is not fully relevant to the business concept would be meaningless. Instead, the user will get a negative impression of your business.

Non-Responsive Websites

Things have changed with the increased use of smartphones and other gadgets. People started having a different website for desktop and mobile use. But, till when? Isn’t it unfashionable? Certainly, it is! Now, the time has come when websites should be designed to be responsive. By this, we mean the website should be able to adapt as per the screen resolution automatically. As per a study cited on Designadvisor, “48% of users say that if a website doesn’t work well on mobile, they take it as an indication that the business simply doesn’t care”. Only A1 web design agencies started following this trend.

Rainbow on Website

Making your webpage look like a rainbow is the worst thing that can be done. It not only distracts the users but annoys as well. The users will bounce back. This doesn’t mean we are not in favor of using colors. But, the color scheme must be pleasant. Using the colors in the right combination and the right number is the key. Moreover, the color should be soothing that helps the user concentrate more on the content and help to convey brand message too.

Absurd Popups

The heightened use of popups asking for their email or requesting for joining newsletter is the trend gone now. Although popups help in bringing leads but are annoying too. It might happen that in the urge of getting lead through multiple popups, you might end up losing the most profitable one. Also, you might have to pay a penalty for the popups interfering content on mobile devices. Thus, the popups should be placed in a way that makes some sense. It is better to take advice from professionals of some good web development company if you have a website.

Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action is good but its overuse or underuse is useless. The underuse of CTA might not be able to put an impact on the mind of the user and might not be of use in making leads. On the other hand, overuse of CTA might take the user away from the content.  Furthermore, it might be confusing too. Like at one place it is mentioned ‘enquire now’ and at another place ‘message now’. Though both will redirect the user at the same place, the user might not click on any, being unable to decide the course of action. So, the Call to Action must be placed at the right place.

Flashy Images

You open up a website and suddenly see a flashy image that stings your eyes! Would you continue to stay on that site? No! The flashy image on a webpage does nothing but increase the bounce rate. It’s adding few extra seconds and is bad for SEO. Some web design companies like us realized this way back. Now, it is time for website owners.

White Spaces

There was a time when white space on the web page was considered blah. But, this is not the case anymore. Now, white space is considered as a value-adding part of the website. It differentiates the content and helps in highlighting Call to Action. In addition to this, it gives a tidy look to the website. The websites which look clean & simple gets a better rating. Filling-up whitespaces is a BIG NO.

Summing Up

Your website portrays your brand in the digital ecosystem. In the era of digitalization, your digital face should be trendy enough to captivate the audience. So, allot a place to web design up-gradation in the business enhancement strategy.

Join Hands With Professionals

Neel Networks have seen many web design trends moving in & out. De facto, being an established website design company in India, we have a played an influential role in updating the web design trends.

We appoint professionals having years’ of experience to provide the first-rate service. Connect with us now to get your website designed or re-designed. Adopt the latest trend and grow your business.

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