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9 Ways to Use Video That Will Keep Your Customers Hooked and Entertained

“Video has emerged as THE way to make yourself stand out from your competitors.”

Tonte Bo Douglas

In fact, video content generates a better ROI than images, says 74% of marketers. (Biteable)

But does every video work the same way?

The answer is a straight no.

And you must have experienced the same. Not all videos become successful in attracting and engaging the audience. Remember yourself skipping some portion of a video or quickly jumping to another.

Now, the reason could be any, including shortage of time and boring content. But one thing is sure, wastage of resources as you will not get the desired results.

So, why not focus on the solutions? That way, we can have dual benefits – knowing the problems along with answers.

Video Marketing Tips 2021

Effective Targeting

It’s the key. Here, you must try to be as precise as you can. And you need to do this before planning the video content. Well, why you need to decide target audience while starting with video marketing when you have already performed this task at the initial stage — branding? Is this what you are thinking? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

We agree you have a target audience. But what if it involves different groups? Suppose you are into selling sports garments for all age groups and gender. Now, while going for video marketing, you can’t have all the videos addressing a whole lot of people. You may end up failing to attract even one of those groups. This technique is good for the introductory stage. But moving ahead, you need to address individual sub-sets of your audience; go for detailed segmentation. And don’t leave any group.

Personalize Videos

Every person wants special attention. So, enable a viewer to feel as if he/she is the only one who is being addressed. For this, the accurate segmentation mentioned above will support. Unquestionably, for that, you will require in-depth data analysis, but your efforts will pay off.

Aligning Video to Brand

When the objective of video marketing is to empower your brand, you can’t let your videos be erratic. Let it showcase your brand and allow it to have your brand voice. Moreover, check its efficacy in line with your brand objectives.

Don’t Sell

We are living in a technologically advanced era. People have become smarter. Now, you can’t continue with the old-school techniques, especially when it comes to video marketing. Video is a medium to present your brand and its offerings in a lively manner. It helps you establish a connect with your viewers. But for this to happen, you need to have a sound approach.

It’s alright that you intend to increase sales through video marketing but don’t hard sell. Direct selling doesn’t work when it comes to video platforms. This way, your audience will just pop out the video. Then what should you do?

Make an Emotional Appeal

If you want to gain the attention and loyalty of your audience, along with establishing a long-lasting relation, then go for storytelling. Address the problems of your target audience, which your offering(s) can solve. Provoke their emotions. Enable them to think about the subject so they can trust you and feel like spending on your product, not only today or tomorrow but every time. Anway, studies show that a customer who is emotionally connected with your brand allows you generate more value in lesser resources.

Short, Raw & Real Works

Gone are the times when people used to love fully-polished content. Now, people want to see the reality. So, you just need to plan and create a simple video; no need to spend a hefty sum on video editing. And keep it short. Videos of 1-2 minutes perform the best. Post that engagement rate starts falling (Source – WISTIA).

Further, include behind-the-scenes (BTS) in your video strategy. It makes things more exciting for the audience. It could include things like the setup, your team, how you work, etc. Are you amused as to how that works? Through this, you provide people with an opportunity to learn more about the brand, including things like the team’s behaviour. And they love this information.

Add Some Fun

Oh no, we are not telling you to crack a joke in your video. But people won’t love watching a lecture too. So, the point here is, make your video appealing along with insightful. And you can do this simply by bringing variation in your tone and expressions. Try being humorous so that audience enjoys watching & following you. Go smooth as if you’re interacting with a person in a physical setup.

Ensure 100% Value

If the video doesn’t seem to be meaningful, it won’t make sense irrespective of the efforts you put into creating and streaming it. Thus, it’s significant to ensure that the video delivers a high degree of value. And yes, along with content, pay attention to the quality of visuals as well.

Appoint Influencer

It’s a hotshot method, facilitating the creation of professional videos. Also, this way, you can reach more people while benefitting from the credibility of the influencer.

Consider Trending Topic

If you are an independent vlogger, then you are in an advantageous position. You are free to experiment, of course, within a particular limit, as beyond that, you might start losing your followers. But that’s a different issue. The point is, you can create videos on trending topics if you can do justice to them, thereby making those topics easier to understand for your audience.

Long Story Short

Doing something just for the sake is worse than not doing anything. If you use video marketing and want to harness its power to the highest, think as a video viewer. And try your best to make them interesting for your target audience. For that, you need to know their outlook on video content. And don’t forget to align your video marketing strategy to your brand.

Consider these points to see your audience attached to your brand. And let your business results tell the story.

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