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8 Key Trends to Design a Remarkable Logo

8 Key trends to design a remarkable logo

The logo designing process is continuously evolving with changing market conditions wherein businesses now interact with customers through number of digital channels. The engagement frequency has also increased, and quality has become more inclusive, more personal. So, what are the new logo design trends in coming months or in the near future? Let’s have a look….

Key Logo Design Trends

1. Flat

It’s a remarkable logo design trend that would continue to dominate because they look great and register well with all browsing devices. They also load fast and now textures, patterns, gradients and shadows have given way to simpler colors and lines. They register better online or in print, in grey, black or color, and their design elements make them easily identifiable, and almost iconic.

2. Handmade Logos

Handmade logos depict honesty and convey efforts to be personal or intimate. This remarkable logo design trend is gaining ground in past few years. Some of these designs look like “hybrids” and others combine design elements for ensuring better visibility.

Handmade font sets and elements, or a suggestions of such, is more evident in logo design as the year comes to an end. Bespoke font sets have become a more valuable design element.

3. Kinetic Logos

Kinetic logos mostly remain-the-same and will find greater appeal. Perhaps because this inspiring logo style offers more freshness, and becomes even more personal, while it tries to connect with as many people as possible.

4. Dynamic Logos

These days, people prefer to view information in “byte sized” pieces. This innovative logo design has an ability to make customers subtly aware of the diversification and direction the company or brand is pursuing in real time.

5. Negative Space

Negative space would continue to dominate the best logos space. This design first speaks to you, and you will quickly understand all that it wants to convey. This factor makes this logo design trend work. If it can convey a deeper message, customer will easily pick it up and it will become more special.

6. Letterstacking

Letterstacking would continue to hold ground. This has been a popular trend for a while and is not losing its popularity. Perhaps because it attracts lot of consumers and challenges them to make some sense out of it. A good logo designing company can assess your requirements and can make a perfectly designed logo for you.

7. MonoLines

Mono or thin lines will present itself as “fresh clean look”, and the use of line with unchanging thickness, will define the ultimate look of the logo. At first look, this type of logo design appears to run against the simplification approach, due to the “intricacy” of the execution.

8. Monoweight Logos

A deeper look, results in appreciation of ability to present something, clear, clean and outrightly “honest”.   This attractive logo design strikes you with honesty that’s refreshing. It’s a welcome break from seeing multiple colors and gradients, so common in the last few months.


The best approach to get a perfectly designed logo is to hire a right logo designer that understands your needs. Get in touch with a professional logo designing company today to discuss your logo design requirements.

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