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8 Digital Marketing Myths That We All Believed to Be True At Least Once

From opening a business to connecting with the global audience, things have become super easy and quick. Now, unlike earlier, it’s a matter of only a few days. Thanks to digital marketing! Online marketing makes the growth path straight for business. That makes it a vital tool for business promotion and lead generation.

In the last few years, digital marketing has gained much fame. And since the arrival of the pandemic, digital marketing seems to have become an indispensable part of business market strategy.

And here strikes a problem.

As the fame grows, so does the gossip about the subject. And that’s happening with digital marketing too. With the increasing notoriety, misconceptions about digital marketing are rising.

So, it’s time to raise the curtain from reality as we believe the prevailing myths about digital marketing can bury its real potential. Even if not, that’s gonna prevent you from harnessing the real power of digital marketing. So, let’s bust those myths.

Myths and Facts about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about website development and social media marketing.

Not at all. Digital marketing is a vast field, including several concepts, and social media is just a part. Even to get promising results from social media marketing, you might need to employ other arms of digital marketing like online reputation management (ORM), email marketing, etc. Success in digital marketing calls for 360-degree efforts. You have to ensure that you use all the needed measures appropriately. Being present on social media channels won’t suffice.

Ranking on the top page of SERP is the goal of digital marketing.

How can it be? Any marketing activity, whether digital or traditional, intends to assist you in achieving your business goals. It could be higher sales, more leads, a higher return on investment (ROI), etc. Is getting to the top of SERP is the ultimate goal of the business? Of course, no. So, that can’t be the objective of digital marketing. Instead, SERP rank is a way to your end goal. Thus, it’s essential to keep your end goal in mind while planning digital marketing activities.

Digital marketing is enough for growth.

It’s a terrible misconception ruling people’s minds in the internet-dominated world. The continuously rising human population of the online world has paved an excellent path for business growth. That’s digital marketing. And it turned out to be a success. It makes reaching the target audience comfortable for the businesses. Plus, the acceptance of the crowd empowers it, making it a popular marketing method. But that’s sending wrong signals to people. Some people believe it to be everything.

But that’s not the case.

Though mattering for progress, digital marketing is not everything. To flourish, the best way is to create a solid marketing strategy for business. And depending upon the type of business, audience and goal, decide an appropriate mix of digital and traditional marketing. Because things like face-to-face marketing and billboards are still relevant.

Digital marketing is about presence on the internet; what it has to do with business strategy!

This misconception about digital marketing can kill your business; leave the resources aside. Today, being present online is essential but doing that without a robust strategy is like walking in the dark. You don’t know where you are gonna reach. It’s better not to do digital marketing rather doing like this; that’s just a formality. It won’t help much. Yes, it can definitely affect your brand image negatively. If you want digital marketing to work for you, work strategically and align digital marketing activities to your business goal.

Negative reviews or comments on digital platforms can kill my business.

You don’t like receiving negative comments or reviews! Well, no one does. But, if you are into business, it’s the reality with which you have to deal. A small percentage of negative words among a bulk of positive reviews can’t kill your business. Though they affect customers’ decisions, you can reduce ill effects by tactfully and genuinely addressing them. Also, you can win the trust of your target audience by improving your offerings.

Email marketing is an old-school technique!

Many people have this mind, but that doesn’t make this point valid. Email marketing is an effective technique, enabling you to generate magnificent returns on investment. If seen from a conversion point of view, it’s 40% better than Facebook & Twitter. And the ROI of email marketing is eye-popping – 42 times it is. (Source – Snovio).

I have a small business; I don’t need digital marketing.

How can you think so? It’s a wrong notion. Actually, when it comes to digital marketing, the size of the business doesn’t matter. What makes more sense is what you do. If you have your target audience on digital channels, you should go for digital marketing, irrespective of the business size. Unquestionably, digital marketing has enough to offer to small businesses. It can drive your growth and help you enjoy enhanced ROI.

More content with many keywords help in ranking faster.

Calling it a disastrous mistake rather than a misconception won’t be wrong. If you think you can attain a higher position in the SERP and business goals faster by publishing content in bulk with a load of keywords, you need to rethink. Because that’s not true. Here, the quality of the content has more value than the quantity. You can grow by publishing lesser content, too, if the content is relevant and meaningful, providing value to the readers. Without quality, nothing helps, not even the keywords. And keywords stuffing is anyway a black hat SEO method and must not be used.

Digital marketing myths debunked. Did you find yourself in the trap of myths? Could you connect with any of those and feel you have missed a chunk of opportunity?

Well, don’t worry because there’s no going back.

But the future is waiting. Twist your strategy now and feel the change.

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