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7 Ways To Perfectly Ruin Your Web Development Project

Not having a website is hardly an option for businesses in the digitized world. Now, having a website is not extraordinaire; it is a necessity.

Well, can you succeed just by fulfilling the basic requirements? Of course, not. That means just having a website is not enough. Instead, it should be appealing, offer great UI (user-interface) & UX (user-experience). And the creation of such a website calls for hard work, the cardinal part of which is partnering with the right website development company. We are saying this because we don’t want ‘that to happen’.

We don’t want your website development project to fall flat. And we know, you also don’t want that. To make that happen, you need to ensure you are not checking any of the below points while en route to building your impeccable website.

The Checklist That You Always Want to Remain Unchecked

Handshake with Bad Communicators

“Communication is the key for any global business”, said Anita Roddick (a British businesswoman).

And in the digital ecosystem, effective communication is the foundation; a factor deciding the future. But what if this component is missing? Say, you have mutually agreed to move ahead on a project, but you are not aware of what’s going on in the project; the progress, etc. Another case could be they keep communicating from time-to-time. However, that’s just a formality. They are least bothered about what you have to say.

How will you make the other party understand your requirements? How would you ensure that the nod by the service provider is genuine, meaning they are interpreting your words the way you expect? In such a case, timely communication hardly helps. Because every time they agree to what you say, but you can’t see the outcome.

Going for the Cheapest Web Development Company

Website design and development is a skill-based task, involving numerous details. And if you expect the outcome to be marvellous, it can’t be cheap. If you are getting a bundle of big promises at cheap rates, something is wrong for sure. Because even though it is a skilled base work and prices can vary, you need to remember that good things don’t come at cheap rates.

Ljupka Cvetanova said,

“Cheap is the love that has a price”.

Cheap services may entice you in the beginning as you are foreseeing great results even when you are paying low, but that satisfaction will soon be gone. Because people offering cheap services (unexpectedly low rates) compromise with the quality as they have to compensate themselves, too. By the time you get to see negative consequences, it might be too late.

Not Taking Enough Time to Understand Packages

When it comes to website development packages, people, generally, find out different packages and compare them in terms of the cost and services included. But that’s the half work done. What about the scope of the services that each package offers? For example – maintenance. You see packages stating free maintenance, 1-year free maintenance, lifetime maintenance assistance, etc. But what all aspects this ‘maintenance’ covers? And there could be many such things.

Skip Checking Width & Depth of the Portfolio

Missing to check the portfolio of a web development service provider is one of the biggest mistakes. Not every web development or a web developer is equally competent. By not checking the portfolio, you are deciding not to exercise your ‘right to know’, which is imperative to ensure victory. In this situation, you don’t even know the industries that a particular web development company served, the types of websites created by them, the level of creativity & excellence, etc. You trust them without assessing their competency and commitment. What if they can’t keep up to your expectations?

Leaving Loose on TAT

For a business to succeed, things need to go as per the plan. Minor deviations are okay but not otherwise. The same is the case with website development. Project completion deadline is something that needs to be talked in advance, that is before initiating the project. TAT calls for seriousness.

Being careless on TAT= your project is doomed.

Working Without Knowing Emergency Handling Mechanism

A website serves as your online representative, and thus, the same should be available round the clock. Even a small site downtime can cost you huge, especially if it is an e-commerce website or your website is your only employee. So, you can’t let your website take leave. Nor can you allow it to misbehave. However, your website can malfunction due to controllable or wild reasons. Thus, you need to have someone to immediately respond to the problem. Imagine you turn to your web development agency, and they are not available to assist you! What a tragedy! Or again they say yes to you but keep postponing your task. What’s the benefit of having such a website? It will hit both your pocket and fame.

Not knowing who’s on the Team & the Experience brought to the Table

You don’t have any idea who will be working on your project – the experience, knowledge, etc. Okay, but you don’t know about the background of the project manager as well; whether the person has required expertise, the number of projects being worked upon, and so on.

In the End…

We have highlighted the ways that can perfectly hit your website development project. Now the ball is in your court. Check where you are standing. You are reading this at the right moment if you are planning to get a website. Even if you have already finalized the web development agency, it is not too late to take corrective action. So, don’t miss to see if you are ticking any of the points mentioned above. If yes, find out the ways to sort out things with your current partner. Moving on to the accomplished one is an unbeatable way. In case you already have a website and facing issues, consult with an accomplished website developer and get the problems eliminated at the earliest.

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