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7 Plugins to Easily Tune-up Database of WP Website

If your website is slow, it will contribute to dissatisfaction among the user. Ultimately, it will lead to spoiling the user experience. And what’s next?

You know the answer!

Yes! This, in turn, will disappoint the search engines as they don’t like the websites which don’t seem fit for the users. And it will negatively hit your rankings. What’s the sense of having such a website that appears unfavourable or unfriendly to users and search engines?

And why we are saying all this here? Because website database is one of the biggest reasons for website slowdown. Well, not just slow down. Your website can be down permanently due to mismanaged database. Thus, it’s crucial to pay attention to database management. You need to ensure that your WordPress website is free of database-related issues. But website database management is an arduous and time-taking task. Finding all the defunct files and deleting them while ensuring that you don’t delete any crucial database file can cause you a headache.

Hold on!

But you need not worry.

Thanks to the plugin development community of WordPress for coming up with highly functional database plugins! These plugins are available to save you from all that fuss. And to make the task more manageable for you, we are providing you with the names of the best WordPress database management plugins.

WordPress Database Management Plugins

WP Database Reset

It’s an open-source software brought into existence in 2011 by Chris Berthe. Available in 10 languages, it has more than 50k active installations and a good reputation among its users. Intended to simplify the WP website database resetting task, the Database Reset plugin offers a quick one-click reset process through which you can reset the complete database or the specific tables. This plugin lets you clean unwanted content and go to the default setting without modifying files or undergoing the WordPress installation process.

As per the details available in the WordPress plugin directory, soon WP Reset plugin is going to replace the Database Reset plugin. WP Reset is one of the most advanced plugins for database reset. Available in 17 languages, it has over 3 lakh active installations. Again, it’s a fast database reset solution. But if you are using this plugin, don’t forget to capture the snapshot before proceeding with the ‘Reset’ option.

WP Database Backup

In the digital age, having a backup is extremely important. That’s what saves you from hassles in unwanted situations like database damage, device failure, etc. For the WordPress website owners, the easiest way to create a backup is – WP Database Plugin. This easy to install and use plugin enables you to create a Database backup and restore the same automatically or manually in just one click.


If you want to keep your website up and smoothly running without spending many resources on the same, then go for the WP-Optimize plugin. It’s an effective plugin that optimizes the performance of your WordPress website. Okay! So, how this plugin can help you? The first and foremost benefit of using the WP-Optimize plugin is that it keeps your website database clean by clearing unnecessary data regularly. And that doesn’t need manual action as it works automatically. But yes, you do have an option to take a call on whether you want to go for optimization or not. Plus, with the WP-Optimize plugin in place, you get timely reports and insights. Additionally, this plugin lets you compress images, cache pages and provides you with minify feature. With over a million active installations, it’s a renowned plugin for WordPress database management. So, now managing a website’s database is not a headache.

Advanced Database Cleaner

With active installations nearing 75k, it’s a great tool to manage and optimize the database of your WordPress website, which is a cardinal task. Why? Because old revisions, spammy comments, and other unnecessary things raise the burden on your website and, in turn, hurt its performance. Right from deleting trash, drafts, spammy comments, and orphan metadata to repairing damaged/corrupted tables of the database, you can do that all with the help of the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin. For this, you need not run a manual setup every time. Just schedule the clean-up, and the task will take place automatically as per the set frequency. And don’t worry; you can view the information before the clean-up to ensure nothing important goes out.

Participants Database

Here comes a flexible, adaptable, and user-friendly plugin for arduous tasks – creating and maintaining the WordPress database. Being a fully configurable plugin, Participants Database allows you to define the fields for every record you want to put into the database. And how to create the records? For this, you have different options – individuals creating their own records, feeding records individually in the WP admin section, importing data with CSV file. And to let the database records communicate with the other databases, export the CSV file.

Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7

Having more than 4 lakh active installations, it’s a highly rated plugin for WordPress database management. It’s an open-source plugin available in 28 languages to help you save the Contact Form 7 entries received on your website. And all the submissions become available to you in a single database table. With this plain and easily customizable plugin, managing the database of your website becomes easier. And now comes to its use. As this plugin doesn’t require any configuration, you don’t need to have any technical skills. Just download the plugin and install it, and you are good to go. 


Managing the WP Database made easy. After all, you have a list of some of the most popular database management plugins. Now, you need not worry about an over-loaded, cluttered database slowing down the website speed while degrading the user’s experience.

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