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6 Less Known Facts about Website Redesigning That you Must Know

Milton Glaser said,

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Along with that, your website should be functional as well. So, what’s your opinion about your website? Does it lack the required magnet that attracts the visitors? Whether your website design is less impactful or it is weak in terms of operational efficiency, it needs a makeover. Website redesigning is the option that you must choose.

However, while choosing to redesign an existing website, you must be extra attentive as it can cost you a huge. We are not talking about the amount you will be paying to the service provider. Okay, by now, you must have got an idea about what we are trying to convey!

How Website Redesigning can affect Your Business?

SEO – It is easy to deviate from the path of SEO during a website revamping process so be attentive. Further, redesigning gives you multiple options to improve your SEO. However, not having proper information relating to keyword mapping, redirects, current site structure, 404s, content-related data, backlinks, internal links & all that stuff, can prove to be a disaster. So, keep track of your website’s analytics and properly utilize redesigning to improve your chances of ranking higher.

Brand – Another major area that redesigning impacts is your brand image. Visitor perceives some brand value while browsing your website. And with redesigning, you have the option to improve on those areas. It can be anything like working with colours, adding a testimonial video, changing the content layout, improvising on highlighting the brand message and hundreds of other ways. Always focus on how you want your brand to be perceived while working on website redesigning.

User’s Sentiments & Sales – When you are redesigning, it’s easy to catastrophize. However, it’s essential to know things like your visitors are habitual of seeing some point; they might be in the habit of viewing navigation in a particular order or something like that. It means you are not working just with your website but with the user’s mind and their habits as well. And this can be a risky task as not all humans are ready to adapt and change. Therefore, analyse things that directly hit users’ sentiments ere implementation or be ready to take a serious hit on your sales.

So, it is time to check out must-know areas about website redesigning, by ignoring which, you can lose not only in terms of your profit but the position as well.

Details about Website Redesigning That you Must Know

Initiating without a Sound Strategy

To be honest, website redesigning requires you to have a more robust strategy than before. You need to evaluate all areas beforehand, including the performance data you have from the existing website. Perform deep study on analytics. List out the things that worked well and that didn’t so that you can get the necessary changes done in the redesign process. And to
achieve the desired results, start with writing down your goal. It will help you have clarity in the mind about the expectations from the redesigning. And you can give information to the designer and developer in a better way.

Working on the Live Website

A serious mistake! What? This might be an awkward act according to you, but it can happen. We have heard of many such cases from our clients when they faced serious difficulties due to this with their previous web development agency. And the incident, which they got to know upon visiting their website for some work, left them in a serious shock. So, always be clear on this part. Website redesigning should be done in a development environment, which offers various ways to work smoothly and without any issues. Moreover, the development environment should be hidden from the crawling bots.

Missing to Set the Proper Redirects

Another important factor in the list that can lead to multiple problems from small to big! While deleting any page or changing the location of any web page, ensure the use of correct redirect code. It will not only help your visitors in reaching the right location but will also drive the Google bots through the right path.

Complicating the Things for the Visitors

Pay attention to both appearance and functionality. However, keep your target audience in mind throughout. Only a beautiful-looking website won’t support your business if the visitor is unable to use that swiftly and identify what he wants. In that case, website redesigning won’t make any sense.

Going Live without Comprehensive Testing

This point is self-explanatory. In testing, don’t just be allured with the front-end specifications. Instead, look for the effectiveness of things at the backend too.

Content Calling Attention

Refresh the content on your website to be up to date. Serving users with outdated content through new design would be senseless.

Note – All the above areas can affect your ranking in the search engine result page (SERP), making entire SEO efforts a waste. Plus, your ROI can get a punch.

Wrap Up

Website redesigning is a daunting task, demanding more attention as compared to first-time website making. It is simply because now, you have authority and fame in the market, especially in the digital atmosphere. Being the face of your business on the internet, your website calls for a cautious and in fact, a smart approach to makeover. Otherwise, your online
presence and position can be at stake. Thus, don’t forget to judge the abilities of the service provider, particularly in the field of website redesigning as even talented web designers and developers may disappoint you in redesigning a website. So, enquire about website redesigning experience.

Well, you have Neel Networks at your service. We have the right talent to assist you at every stage of website redesigning. And having done over 100 website redesigning projects for clients across the globe, we have the required expertise and confidence too. Reach out to us for accurate assistance.

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