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6 Lead Generation Tactics That Never Fail – Not Even In the Worst-Case Scenarios

Zig Zagler (an American Author) said,
“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.”

Of course, how you can run a business without getting any business? So, lead generation is an important phenomenon and a continuous process for any business, if it wants to remain in the market.

Okay, a lot of technicalities! Now, it is time to see what is lead generation?

Lead Generation – Meaning

In the simplest form, it is a process of finding a new prospective customer (lead) for the business, whose requirements and interests are in line with the products or services you are providing.

Importance of Lead Generation

It is great to have a solid customer base of existing customers and keep working with them because it is easy to deal with them. Moreover, having them with you helps you save the cost of customer acquisition. However, you can’t stop looking for new customer altogether. Lead generation can help you increase sales and contribute to the growth of your business.

But remember, you must have a robust lead generation strategy, along with an accomplished team to ensure smart application of the same. We are saying this because lead generation, though looks easy, is a difficult task. And with the rising level of education and awareness among people, lead generation is getting tougher. Moreover, you are not the only one striving
for leads; you have competitors too.
And we are not passing plain statements. Facts are there to back the information. Why not have a look?

Lead generation has always been a headache for the marketers, and 61% of the marketers see lead generation as a top challenge. (Source – funneloverload). The same source suggests, 53% of marketers spend over 50% of their total budget for generating leads.
Thus, you need to be clever in terms of your technique and approach. So, what you can do to ensure you get better leads? Let’s find out.

Lead Generation Ideas


It is a technique that exists from pre-digital and pre-automation times. Networking has always been a great way of generating lead and will always be. The only thing that can change here is the manner of networking like currently, we are seeing the trend of social networking. If you want to grow your business, grow your network first. Talk to people when you can, and it
need not necessarily be business. And many a time, thigs might take that turn. You may come across like-minded people or find people who are looking for products or services you deal in. Join social groups or try attending group activities, which can be adventurous, non-profit,
etc. And keep your intention clear, by which we mean don’t just talk because you want the business. At the same time, don’t hesitate in introducing yourself or your business well, if you get the space or opportunity.

Content Marketing

“Content is the fuel for your lead generation efforts”. – Dayna Rothman

Content marketing generates three times more leads while costs 62% less than the traditional marketing (as mentioned on neilpatel.com). And seeing the lucrative benefits of content marketing, many marketers are using it for business growth.

Content marketing is considered to be an excellent technique as it leads to trust-building. By delivering valuable and high-quality content regularly, you can create your reputation in the industry. Your readers would see you as an authority and would love to stick to you, for you, providing something beneficial without expecting anything in return. So, you can build a
strong community too. Okay, you intend to generate more leads this way, but you are trying to persuade them through your work instead of approaching them directly, asking for the business. Additional, content helps you present yourself to the audience in a more solid way.


If you want your audience to take a particular action, then you are supposed to drive them that way. You need to prompt them to act, and even more, act instantly. Else, the person may back out and you may end up losing, probably, a highly convertible lead, after doing enough. This highlights the importance of putting effective CTAs in the right place. The Call-to-Action must be clear, precise and effective. Plus, see that your CTA is in line with your objective and makes sense. Besides, to push the person into funnel immediately, you need to show him that he is going to miss something very beneficial by not taking a particular action. By adding a sense of personalization, you can make CTAs even more powerful.

Having Right Tools in the Arsenal

There are various ways of lead generation, like creating custom forms, landing pages, etc. And during the time of increasing automation, you cannot keep doing everything manually. By adopting automation, you ensure efficiency in the task and why to waste human energy on the tasks that can be done by software? So, choose your lead generation tools wisely.

Use Existing Customers

Even now, word of mouth marketing and referrals work. Well, we should say, referrals are working better than before. So, contacting your existing clients and requesting them to refer you for business in their community is one of the best lead generation ideas. Together you grow. Moreover, for those clients who are not interested in providing reference, at least ask
them to put a review for you as that matters when it comes to organic leads.

Paid Campaign

Last but not the least, and yes, the most common one! It hardly needs any explanation. Just make sure you reap maximum benefits out of your search engine and social media ad campaigns. How? You know it by now!

Facing Troubles in Lead Generation?

Not anymore! Neel Networks has techniques to put a period on all your lead generation problems and can assist you in getting highly convertible leads in the minimal expenditure. We have spent years doing this for our own and our clients. And all our efforts have brought results that made our clients happy about their decision of trusting us for lead generation. We have both techniques and tools and know how to use them appropriately because all techniques don’t suit every business or occasion. You can also benefit from our immense practical experience in lead generation.

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