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6 Convenient WordPress Migration Plugins (Migrate WordPress Website Without any Stress)

WordPress is one of the most comfortable platforms to set up and run a website. You have done it and started moving ahead on the digital growth journey. But suddenly, you realise that something is not right with your website hosting. It could be anything – the cost, lack of functionalities, performance issues, customer support or whatever.  Now what? You want to change the hosting, and that calls for WordPress migration. But here comes the actual problem. People consider WordPress migration to be a daunting task. And with that in mind, they keep moving ahead in the journey with the same website hosting service provider.

Are you the one facing such an issue? Well, you need not, as there are several ways, making WordPress migration painless. And one of the ways is using WordPress migration plugins.

So, let’s check out the most popular WordPress migration plugins.

WordPress Migration Plugins

All-in-One WP Migration

Are you a non-techy fresher looking forward to migrating your WordPress website? Then you have the way out. Use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. Came into existence in 2013, it’s one of the most reliable and simple to use WordPress migration plugins. With this in place, migrating your entire WordPress site is just a 2-step process. What are those steps? Create a bundle of all the plugins, themes, media files and databases by clicking on the export option. At the new location, unpack the file and arrange things using the drag and drop feature of the WordPress dashboard. And you are done; no downtime; no pain. As it supports a wide range of hosting, you won’t have to face any restrictions. You can further enhance the functionality of this plugin using premium extensions. 

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Available in 24 languages, Duplicator is one of the most popular migration plugins available for WordPress users. With this easy-to-use plugin, migrating, moving or cloning a website becomes painless, whether it’s between hosts or domains. And that happens without any downtime. This plugin can save you from re-work; use the preconfigured sites features. Use the preconfigured sites features and create a bundle of all the plugins, themes and WordPress files in a zip package, and your WordPress website is ready for migration. Additionally, this plugin allows you to backup a site. Plus, you can put a live website to the staging environment or take a website from the staging to the live environment. You can use it for migration without thinking about the scripts and other technical stuff.

Migrate Guru: Migrate and Clone WordPress Free

Are you searching for a hassle-free, single-click WordPress migration solution? Here you have it – Migrate Guru. It lets you migrate your WordPress website like a pro that too, without any technical knowledge or skills. So, how do you go about it? Install Migrate Guru plugin on the current website – the one you want to migrate. Install WordPress at the target place. Select the host for the destination, and that’s all; click on Migrate option. Supporting over 5000 web hosts globally, it’s one of the fastest options for WordPress migration. And they use their own servers for completing the migration process, thereby preventing issues like your server overloading and website crashing, etc. Also, with this plugin, you need not worry about the loss of data as it copies the data of migrating site to its own server and keep it until the migration process gets over.

WP Migrate DB

Developed by Delicious Brains, WP Migrate DB is a great option to export and migrate your WordPress database. You can do that in a few quick and easy steps. And stay relaxed as you don’t need any technical knowledge for migrating your website through this plugin. Okay, so what do you need to do? Using WP Migrate DB interface, find and replace the needed data; export the SQL; import the data to your new database (use phpMyAdmin and other such tools for the same). The working methodology of this plugin is such that you don’t need to worry about data corruption; that won’t happen. For added features, you can go for its pro version. Well, you won’t need that if you are not into website development and maintenance.


Want a WordPress migration solution that enables you to complete the website migration task without any technical assistance? Get BackupBuddy. It will automatically migrate your WordPress website to another server, domain, or host. Well, it not only helps you with website migration but also with site backup and restoring data. Yes, it offers a cloud-based WordPress backup solution. Brought to existence by ithemes, BackupBuddy is a multi-functional tool, safeguarding one million+ WordPress websites globally. This single tool is powerful enough to cut many worries of yours, including bad commands, server crashes, malware, and hacking activities.


It’s a super-powerful, multi-functional tool to address the varied needs of a WordPress website user. BlogVault is a single stop solution that lets you manage your entire website with just one plugin. So, what are the areas that you can manage with this plugin? What are its offerings?

Of course, it offers an automatic, single-click website migration facility with zero downtime. Whether you want to migrate to a new host, server, domain or DNS, you can rely on BlogVault. Additionally, it serves you with dependable backup services, quick website recovery solutions, integrated staging (cloud servers), WooCommerce backup solutions, a centralised dashboard to manage multiple websites with ease. And that’s not the end.  It has so much more to offer. So, don’t forget to check.

Now, you can dump your WordPress website hosting you don’t like straight away without thinking about the lengthy migration process. It’s because, with the above-discussed WordPress migration plugins, migrating a WordPress website won’t be a difficult task for you. Isn’t it? Most of these tools let you shift in just a click. What can be better than this?

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