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5 Worst UX Mistakes Limiting Your Growth

In layman terms, User Experience (UX) is the feeling and attitude of a person upon using a product or service. When it comes to web designing, UX plays a pivotal role in the success of not only your website but business too. And for great user experience (UX), user interface (UI) matters a lot. Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.– Dana Chisnell This comment is self-explanatory. To provide seamless UX, you need to serve users with what they consider pleasant. And for this, it is mandatory that you identify & understand the likes & dislikes of the users. But, this a bit strenuous task as every person is different from the other.

Mistakes to avoid

Don’t Pass Up UX Research & Testing

Whether a website design has the ability to provide agreeable user experience or not can only be known by looking at past trends. Otherwise, there is no sense of discussion or allegation. It might happen what goes right with an individual user or a group of users could be inapt for another. So, it is not possible to arrive at a conclusion on suitable design matters by plainly talking. The best course of action is to go with the research. You can easily find the data regarding the experience of users (UX) with the various facet of website design. Obtain the data and analyze it to come to an agreement. And once the website is ready, test the experience of users with that to verify the appropriateness.  Those who relate themselves with web designing should take care of this.

No Turtle Show

Just 3 seconds are what a user allows your website to fully load. Even a second’s delay abducts user from the website. Take this very seriously. If the website is taking more than the permissible time, it means the users are not having a good experience. While doing web designing, you must give the prominence to website speed. A slow-loading website results in an upsurge of bounce rate. The impact of website load time and user experience is evident from the research. According to the study by Aberdeen Group, delay of a second in page loading scale down the customer satisfaction by 16% and page views by 11%. Furthermore, slow website speed slashes the conversion rate by 7%. So, it is not the performance of the website only that gets affected due to slow load time but a business faces the brunt too, and thus it must be addressed without fail. There are various ways to step-up the speed and you can choose the ones you think fit.

Honoring background more than the content

You might have come across a website, the background of which caught your attention. However, you could not find any meaningful content above the fold. And, you had to scroll down looking for the content. What did you feel that time? Uhh, what the heck! Now you know what this point means! Though background image plays a big-league and has a far-reaching impact when it comes to website user experience (UX), the players of web design must get to the bottom of the concept and apprehend that background is not the only thing. Above that comes the content. Content is the king. The background should be used in a way that high-point the content above the fold and catches the mind of the users. Beautiful and catchy web background is ineffective without the presence of quality content.

Abundant text & see able hodgepodge of fonts and colors

For a good UX, you must watch the amount of text you are putting onto the web page. A huge amount of text takes your user away. In addition to this, you must see that you are designing a web page & not a ‘Rangoli’.  Thus, to prevent the website from clutter, do not use multiple fonts and colors. Web designing is not a child’s play. As per the study by Chartbeat, nearly 55% of visitors leave the page within 15 seconds. The user expects that when they come to a website, they should be able to see what they want, without investing much time and efforts. Many users just riffle through the content rather than reading it word by word. And when they see too much text, they lose interest. So, try to convey more in lesser words. Try using visual content.

Ambiguous Call To Action

Call to Action (CTA) is an influential tool of marketing or selling. It is a great medium for acquiring a lead. Do you think unclear and badly placed CTA would work? Definitely, it won’t. The CTA should be effective enough that prompt you for instantaneous action. It should be located at a place that you cannot ignore; it must be able to grab your attention and get a click from you. And, one more point but before that let me ask you a question. Have you ever come across a situation when you did not want to respond to CTA but ended up doing that? Here, comes into picture the creativity while writing CTA. A good call to action must be a phrase rather than a statement and it should give birth to an unstoppable urge in a user to click on it.


Ensure you avoid these mistakes hindering your growth in web designing in India, and reach the new heights. Offer good UX to expand your user base and business thereby.

Now, it’s your turn..

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