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2016 Ecommerce Website Design Trends

2016 Ecommerce Website Design Trends

There’s a own successful way and style for each Ecommerce website out there and there may not be any need for you to follow some trends to get online success. However, the knowledge that guides your competition and what your target audience wants to see may be very useful. We’re discussing ecommerce website design trends in 2016.

Ecommerce website design tips and ideas that will work this year!

Interactive Marketing – Storytelling

Storytelling may come in several forms, but it essential involves some type of media (such as video) and some interaction from user may guide them through the story.

Through storytelling, a prospective buyer can quickly run through all of the activities without even knowing what they’re shopping, this marketing is similar to shop the video, that requires little interaction and of course a storyline!

Larger Backgrounds

Video backgrounds and large pictures already became a trend for Ecommerce website design in 2015, but still few stores followed it. This helps a brand in storytelling and also makes it easier to attract attention to some special services and products.

So the latest ecommerce web design trend is to personalize backgrounds according to customer preferences.

Images Sell, Not the Text

These days most people are overwhelmed with tons of information from various sources, and people pay more attention to pictures as they have limited time to read. So, the first reaction of your website visitor while browsing your website is often a big factor for making a purchase. This is especially important for the gift shops and fashion industry!

Long Scroll

It is already an ecommerce website designing trend for a long time and almost all are accustomed to long scrolls thanks to the extensive use of mobile devices. Clicking can be an issue with mobile devices, but scrolling is easy and you can understand it in a hunch. This technique works for site that use storytelling and want to entice customers through story for more interaction.

Dynamic Product Search

This year, more and more sites will use dynamic views that rely on Ajax and JavaScript to change product search result page on the fly. Using this technique customer can browse your site quickly without any distraction by loading each search result separately. This works for sites with large amount of inventory. A good ecommerce website design company will surely include it while designing websites in 2016.

Motion animation

It’s one of the coolest and newest trends in Ecommerce design and development industry. Non-standard and beautiful way to demonstrate a product using motion animation allows your customer unforgettable shopping experience. This is important for industries where most of the purchases are emotional (e.g. gift shops, fashion, jewellery, etc).

Common UI Design Patterns

A standard website interface may work, but won’t help you stand tall among your competitors. These days when people are facing hundreds of interfaces daily, and using multiple devices, it becomes clear that it’s not necessary to overwhelm new users with an entirely new interface each time and to make some of them to puzzle it out. For that reason, some Ecommerce website design companies try to settle common interface design patterns that help them create such websites in order it would be clear to users at a glimpse. It also improves their shopping experience and makes their navigation much easier.

It’s best to partner with a web designer that understands your business needs and can work with you to promote your brand in an organic way online.

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