Wordpress Website Development

Wordpress Website Development

From massive media sites to mom bloggers, everybody likes WordPress. While WordPress started off as a simple blogging platform in early 2003, it has now grown mature, most widely used and stable CMS on the Internet due to number of reasons.

According to 2013 statistics, today WordPress powers 27 percent of the top 12 million websites in the world. It’s definitely the best WordPress website development option for all those who’re creating websites and blogs.

But why this system is so popular? Mainly because there is no better, effective and quicker way to create and manage different types of websites. It is an open source platform which you can use for creating simple websites, corporate websites, blogs, portals, applications and anything else that you might want online.

Benefits of WordPress

  • You can easily schedule posts to a future date, so that they can “go live” easily whenever you need them to go
  • You can organize content by using tags
  • Active participation of readers via comments
  • Easy handling of existing URL’s
  • Easy editing possible without any prior knowledge of HTML
  • Completely free support from active WordPress community
  • Very user friendly and non-technical, websites are both easy to setup and maintain
  • Can be easily stripped down to basic functionalities, or can also be scaled with numerous plug-ins depending upon the needs
  • It actually powers many authority blogs and sites which definitely creates confidence in the ability of this platform

WordPress Website Development India

As a WordPress user you can either pick from hundreds of thousands of themes and plug-ins, or thanks to extensive documentation build something for your own use without paying any kind of licensing fees.

Our website development company in India has been offering its website development service in India and overseas market. It is mainly due to the result of talent, determination and consistent efforts of our core developers that we are able to successfully complete large number of projects and satisfy our clients by successfully fulfilling all their requirements.

All our WordPress themes are highly responsive, which means they’ll automatically adapt to mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Responsive web design is a web design approach that ensures optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. One Wordpress development services offer websites that can easily accommodate tablets, desktop computer monitors, and also mobile phones. This saves you considerable development time, and also reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Our web developer’s team use latest tools to offer wide range of Wordpress web development services and can offer custom CMS website development services according to your needs. All you need is to brief our experts on your requirements, and they will soon bring your website to life as per your specifications.