Divadi Life

Neel Networks surpassed my expectations by delivering the best customer service, that was immediate, personal, and professional.

They kindly and graciously held our hands while we navigated all the details and I felt like I had a true partner.

Furthermore, their pricing is extremely fair which makes their customer service even more impressive.

I would not hesitate to recommend them: fact is, this is already my second time! 😉

Evan Harbalis

“Neel Networks transformed my old online shopping website (www.vonultimatedogshop.com) into a modern user friendly ecommerce website . I was so impressed with their customer service and unlimited changes to the website. I was so impressed Neel Networks also updated my old outdated website (www.vonultimate.com) into a new modern website with minimum fuss and an excellent result. Thank you Neel Networks, job well done, I highly recommend Neel Networks!”

Jörgen Johnsson

“I can warmly recommend Neel Networks. They have great sense of service, are fast and do an impressive job.
I got best help to develop a responsive website (www.sundara.se) that suited my needs. On next project I guaranteed will work with them again. Thank you again for your good work!”

Peter Rasmussen

Dear Tanvi, Thank you for your prompt reply. Once again this is really outstanding service from Neel Networks. I can't believe you made two tutorial videos just for our company! One can only wish that there were more companies like yours in this world! It would be such a better place to live and do business.

Joelle Ekindi
Hong Kong

“I did ask Neel Networks company to design the website of my spa at www.lacabinehk.com. I was very impressed by the job they delivered. In addition the team was very flexible on all the changes I did add along the way.”

Ted Jurca

“Dear Mahaveer, after working with you for over 3 year now I would like to thank for all your help, support and professional work with your team. You gave be back my trust that website design can be a great experience after so many fails that I have experienced with other web designer companies. You always kept your word regardless whether it came to time schedule, design proposal or changes. Our website updates are done immediately and through the last 3 years I have not seen one requested update that lasted longer than a day. I will certainly be a customers of yours and I look forward to other projects that I will initiate very soon.”


“Neel Networks has fulfilled our expectations in many ways: responsibility, commitment, flexibility, positive attitude, quick delivery time and skilled developers. We are really happy to have chosen them.”

Chris Hillman
Town of Wales

“I used Neel Networks to develop my website www.trade-pool.com, and from the very basic outline & specification I gave them upfront they were able to develop my website exactly as I imagined it. Nothing was too much trouble for their team, even though it must have seemed to them that I kept changing things. But over all a very pleasant experience, and well worth engaging with for your next project.”

Asia Base (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

It has been a great pleasure working with Neel Networks in building our new website www.asiabase.com. We are very happy with the result.

The site itself is quite advanced with real-time market dash-boards and frequently updated news-flashes and videos.

But what you see at www.asiabase.com is only the "top of the iceberg". To enable us to manage this site ourselves Neel Networks created a tailored administration page where we ourselves can change data and upload news-flashes and videos at any time ourselves as "administrators".

Not only did Neel Networks instantly grasp our ideas and were able to turn them into reality, they also accepted that we kept on changing our minds in the process. Response time is short, and work is getting done timely, even on short notice.

Thank you Neel Networks!

Asia Base (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
(Danish market and Law consultancy in China)

Pankaj Bhatt
New Zealand

“ It has been a pleasure working with Neel Networks. My project was a bit complex to implement but Mahaveer, Paramveer, Ravi and team from Neel Networks handled it quite well and I'm very happy with the outcome of the project. I would like to especially thank Ravi for his ideas around the project. I would strongly recommend Neel Networks for their ability to deliver a good Website project. I will look forward to work with them for next project work. ”

Kevin Keith

“ It has been a pleasure working with Paramveer and Neel Networks. I am very happy with the way our webpage has turned out. It is very pretty, and meets the needs of my company very well. Communication with Paramveer has always been very quick, and he has responded well to any suggestions or changes that I have requested. One of the greatest benefits of working with Neel Networks has been the 'One Year Free Maintenance' offer. It is great to be able to update and enhance my webpage when necessary. I would recommend Neel Networks to any company that is looking to create a professional webpage at an affordable price. Thanks again for your hard work! ”

Sham Gatupa
Sterling, Virginia

“Neel Networks built our company site: www.weprolance.com. From the beginning, their level of engagement was professional and worked like a partner than a vendor. What I like the most about them: Deliverables on-time & continued ongoing support for minor changes to site. I would definitely recommend them for any sites to be built on CMS.”

Adam Bowdery
United Kingdom

“I would highly recommend Neel Networks. Mahaveer was professional from our first correspondence; the website was created exactly as I had asked for and always in the time frame promised, my text edits were completed quickly. I am very pleased to have found a company that I can work with and trust and will for sure be using Neel Networks for future projects. I look forward to developing our relationship over the years to come!”


“Neel Networks were our development partners when we were seeking a web development company to revamp our old website.
We found Neel Networks to be effective at gaining an understanding of our requirements and also of ensuring the change requests were delivered quickly, in fact on the same day. Our new website was launched in very short span of time. We are happy to partner with the Team at Neel Networks.”

Ken Ngo
United States

“ I would highly recommend Mahaveer and Neel Networks company for any individual or company that needs a highly professional, elegantly designed, fast, and very secure website. I worked with Mahaveer of Neel Networks in building for my company an e-commerce website. Mahaveer is a highly skilled, very trustworthy website developer. He sticks to the contract agreement, and he is highly skilled in website development. He surprisingly finished my website far much a head of the schedule. Inspite of the high speed in the way in which he created the website every part of the website was elegantly done than I thought. Furthermore, Mahaveer's price is much lower than his competitors. Initially, I was filled with sense of trepidation in sending him money since himself and his company are far away from my country. However, I came to realize that Mahaveer is more trustworthy than I thought. The things I admire about Mahaveer’s that he is ever filled with sense of humility when dealing with his customer. There was no point in which I found him angry or in low spirit. On finishing creating the website he explained to my company the total working principle of the website. Hence, I didn't have any problem in operating the website. Thank you Mr. Mahaveer, and Neel Networks for your professionalism. ”

Zachary Wong
Hong Kong

“ I really appreciate the work Mahaveer from Neel Networks did for us. I have admitted that there were some challenges risen from the territory barrier, but Mahaveer is a really patient and professional technician who was able to handle all of them. Response time is good too; quick response was received when needed. For quality, nothing is better than you see the real thing at www.hi-techf.com once again, I am very pleased to have Mahaveer to get my website done and I am fully satisfied with his service and would definitely recommend you to employ Neel Networks team. ”

Dev Saikia
Photographer (Asia - Europe)

“ For A Photographer one of the ways I wanted to market myself was with a website. I was really able to develop a website that gave people an experience of me without ever meeting me. I am really thank full to Mahaveer Chauhan and his efficient team for the work and services since 5 years, they have made the process so easy. Neel Networks have helped my work dramatically. I am a part of something beautiful and I encourage and recommend any of you to be a part of it as well. ”

Cyrille Gulassa

“ I so highly recommend Neel Networks, I would even put a personal guarantee to that! I have had the most wonderful experience working with Mahaveer of Neel Networks, a highly professional, detail and results oriented, kind and charming man, who has helped me greatly in understanding the best solutions for my needs, and making it all happen in record time with reasonable rates. I am a huge fan of who he is and how he works - consider us lifetime fans! Without a doubt, try Neel Networks!”

Udo Ernst Menschig

“ Dear Mahaveer, After working with you for over 1 year now I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your help, support and professional work with your team. You gave be back my trust that website design can be a great experience after so many fails that I have experienced with other web designer companies. You always kept your word regardless whether it came to time schedule, design proposal or changes. Even more importantly, our website needs regular updates on a monthly basis and through the last 12 months I have not seen one requested update that lasted longer than 24 hours. I love your working speed and you are always on top of the game. I will certainly be a customers of yours as long as I do business and I look forward to other projects that I have in my mind.”

St. Thomas FC Team

“ The St. Thomas FC team would strongly recommend Neel Networks, to any prospective business leader. We were impressed, with their IT service. The Neel Networks team is professional, exceptionally skilled, and very flexible. They understood our football equipment business, and in many instances, even anticipated our ecommerce needs. Further, they worked diligently, to build a site that we were 100% satisfied with. We really feel that they are an extension of our own team, which is one that is predicated, on exceptional customer service.”

Rasoul Nabi

“ A little feedback from me, I appreciate the fact the your company had my website completed in a very short amount of time The design and professional appeal of the website is done in a very superb manner. Rest assured I will Do business with your company again. Many thanks from Colossal Security.”

Mike Baehler

“ I've been working over 2 years along with Mahaveer and his team have never disappointed me! We have put together various web projects. The team of Neel Networks covers all kinds of services from html to css and much more....So every wish is possible. On this way I want thank mahaveer and his team and I hope for many more years of collaboration and many web projects in the future.”

Travis Lawson

“ I have been working with Mahaveer at Neel Networks for the last 3 years. For each project, Mahaveer and his team have done a wonderful job with executing deadlines promptly and carefully, even during high pressure situations. The lines of communication are always open to technical support when needed. They do their best to handle problems promptly (if) they arise and all with prices which are unbeatable. I have work with many people in the web / programming industry over the last 7 years and with no reservation, I would certainly recommend Mahaveer and his team at Neel Networks to anyone. They have proven to deliver time and time again.”

Richard Lowry

“ I have dealt with Neel Networks on two different projects, the first one was an E-Commerce site, it was completed on time and I was very satisfied with the site. The second website was more advanced and required a lot of vision & creativity on their part. I am very happy with how the site came across, I have had several changes from my initial plan and they were very helpful in implementing the changes. I would recommend working with Neel Networks, they are very professional before, during and after the site is done.”

Peter Rasmussen

“ We would like to thank you for a fantastic service in designing and programming the website "emmanina.com". We are very pleased with the outcome — and with your professionalism in artwork and programming, your quick response time, and your patience with our changes and new ideas throughout the development process.
We started the project by writing you an email with some overall specifications, and you grabbed our ideas and wishes very effectively and responded with a very useful quote the same day. Next step was that we paid 50% of the fee, and provided you with further elaboration on how we wanted the site to look. You provided a first draft within one week - and it came very close to what we wanted. Inspired by your first draft we asked you to modify some of the design and functions we had originally specified. You did that without any hesitation and without request for extra fees. We repeated this process 2–3 times, and then the final version was ready. It all took less than two weeks, and you response time never exceeded 24 hours.
Once again, we are extremely pleased with your service, and are looking forward to work with you in the future. We do not hesitate to recommend your firm to other individuals or organizations who wish to outsource the development of their website.”

Jan Huberts

“ We have asked Neel Networks last year to make a website for us and to host it as well. We have had regularly contact with Mr. Mahaveer which was and still is appreciated very much. Also several changes were ordered by us afterwards which were done very correctly as well. All the work done has always been in time, within the budget agreed and up to a high quality standard. Also the hosting has been excellent; without any failure in 1 year now. We have been and still are very satisfied with them and we can recommend Neel Networks to anyone.”