What is Mobile App and why it’s essential for your Business

March 3, 2017 
Application Development, Web Development 

Mobile apps help you market your brand powerfully and reach your target audience on almost 24/7 basis.

What is Mobile App and why it's essential for your Business 

Over the past few years, mobile apps have become an essential part of many leading businesses across the globe in various different ways. Some of the successful brands and companies across the world have their own mobile apps that are used to achieve key objectives ranging from product enhancements & customer services to mobile marketing & client data collection. The increase in smart phone users only means that more businesses will consider making their own mobile apps in the coming days. Being a business owner you can’t be missing out on this growing market segment. Continue reading “What is Mobile App and why it’s essential for your Business”

Key benefits of the Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

February 3, 2017 
Internet Marketing 

Pay per click advertising can help you reach targeted audience within a short time. It also helps you build your ranking on Google without spending too many marketing dollars

Key benefits of the Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Your online success depends upon your online performance. That means you need targeted audience as this can help you in getting many potential customers at lowest price. It’s the perfect way to achieve your goals and attract relevant visitors.

Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

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What are the types of Ecommerce Platforms

January 17, 2017 
Ecommerce, Web Development 

Best hosting platforms is the one that helps you go online without much fuss. Once you choose the right one with right features, you can reach your target audience in a much easier way.

What are the types of Ecommerce Platforms

Want to sell your services or products online? We’re discussing different types of ecommerce platforms and their features, usage, and community support. We’ve considered ecommerce platform types for both small and large businesses to help you choose the best one according to your needs. Continue reading “What are the types of Ecommerce Platforms”

What is Dedicated Server Hosting & Its Benefits

January 6, 2017 
Domain and Hosting 

Dedicated hosting gives you access to server resources that helps to boost your website speed and upload time. It’s the best option if you’ve plans to generate more revenues with your online presence.

These days’ businesses have multiple options for hosting their website, mail server or web application. Most of the people prefer shared web hosting in the beginning where single server resources are shared by large number of websites.

However, if you want more speed and better control over your hosting, go with dedicated web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, you rent a server from your hosting provider, and can exclusively use its resources. You will get the CPU, disk space and RAM you need. The server is maintained by your provider, eliminating any upfront cost to the business.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting & Its Benefits

Let’s have a close look at some benefits of dedicated server hosting:

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